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Website: New Clothes helps a Change

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

What do I mean by New Clothes?

It is so easy to speak figuratively and I mean this that even though I call new clothes is what changes mean to me. Here I am on Wix which is my New Clothes instead of my old clothes even though Wordpress is okay, I feel like a change. This is very much like getting a new suit. Wix was like a hero would have a sidekick. Now I'm turning this around and have Wordpress as my sidekick. Note the easy analogy of my slight comedic side of me. ;)

Wix has more of the easy drag and drop options and easier in making this blog. I'm still working out the things I'm having trouble to do. I have good hopes that it will have SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer is a Digital Certificate that help with being safe with my site. This SSL had been a burden that I can't pay as I suspected a cost value would make a rise at my domain provider and the hosting provider was increasing the cost as well because I could not control some things I wished to use. Changes to the old website provider was coming into some things getting changed by itself. It feels very awkward to explain even though I like Wordpress just as a blog, which I still have for my books and film review that is still on the the Home page of this new site.

Sometimes a change of new clothes is needed to free yourself from doldrums of life. It is the breathing in for the calm and breathing out the stress. Accepting the things you can't get and do your best to get the things you want. As an writer and author this has been one of the best thing I happened to have as a tool - the breathing in and out, plus visualising myself as the author is really opening me up to see the possibilities of going forward.

I have a lot more to do here on my new clothes that is this website and hoping to bring a better experience to all. Keep reading and looking at this website for new things to come and look at the store for merchandise that is coming soon.

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