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Below, there are fifteen works that are published in these anthologies that the author had written from Flash Fiction, short stories and long short stories. Word-counts from 100 to 10000 words. Note: always check the submissions from all small presses to Publishers' conditions.

From 2019 to 2016


Fire and Brimstone

In this devilish tome, twenty-three great stories which entail horror that would make your skin crawl.

From 2016 to 2012


Blood & Guts

In this devilish tome, twenty-three great stories which entail horror that would make your skin crawl.

From 2012 to 2010

Wicked Bag of Horror Tales.jpeg

Wicked Bag of Horror Tales

Edited by M. S. Gardner & Jessica A. Weiss
Published by Wicked East Press

This is a first in the Wicked Bag Series as nine authors tell tales of horror. Here is the blurb on the back of the book: Think that spider in the bathtub that scared you? Well, you’ll be in for a treat. What about that diner on the side of the road–it just looks rundown, right? What about ghost hunters? Don’t they ever find anything concrete? Ever woken up in a different room than you fell asleep in? Aliens… that’s just ludicrous. They’d never invade… would they? Ever taken directions from a stranger? Well, you might want to think twice about that. What if you just had to escape the real world, if only for a while–nothing bad ever happens on vacations, right? What wrong could come from worshipping a saint? Family, things never change, do they?

Inside these pages you’ll find nine twisted tales from various realms of horror, each one offering haunting delights that will have you checking behind you whenever you can.

DISCLOSURE:- Read with all the lights on and the doors locked, and remember that this is just a book…

Short Sips.jpeg

Short Sips

Edited by Jessica A Weiss
In our ever-changing world, we seem to become busier with less time to relax and enjoy the little things. We have rare occasions, of mere minutes, to ourselves. This collection of 99 flash fiction pieces is for just those moments. Let these authors take you on a ride through suspense, dreams, fantasy, space, and beyond. Pick up the morning coffee, open this book to any story and read before rushing off to school or work.

Daily Flash2011.jpeg

Daily Flash

Edited by Jessy Marie Roberts
A total of 365 flash fiction from many contributors from around the world. “The Birth” by Robert Cristante.

acup of joe.jpeg

A Cup of Joe – Coffee House Flash Fiction

The First in the Coffee House Flash Collection
Edited by Jessica A. Weiss
A collection of 100 authors, where the reader can read in a coffee break or two. “The Well of Eternal Life” is Robert Cristante’s first story accepted in Wicked East Press.

Unquiet Earth_edited.jpg

Unquiet Earth –
An Anthology of Living Dead Flash Fiction

Edited by Chris Bartholomew
Why do Zombies scare us? This blurb starts on the back of the book. Zombies here and there; and everywhere. Roberts’ “Zombies for Desserts” is a story about two monsters hungry for Zombies.

Daily Flash of erotic.jpeg

Daily Flash of Erotic Volume 2

Edited by Jessy Marie Roberts
For Mature Audiences of legal age. As the title suggests it has sex scenes. It has many stories from many writers.

Bounty Hunter.jpeg

Bounty Hunter

Edited by Chris Bartholomew

An anthology where a criminal hunted by a bounty hunter in a science fiction setting. Robert Cristante’s “Planet Hell” is just that.

Madness of the Mind.jpeg

Madness of the Mind

Edited by Chris Bartholomew
Introduction by Jason Barney, and a number of contributors are the line up of this impressive volume by Static Movement. The thought of being mad is a plague that holds us to the wondering if we are really mad? In particular; “Henry Joyce and Mr. Reaper” by Robert Cristante is a story just about that if one is mad and if one has a measure of two personalities.



Edited by Chris Bartholomew
“Kitty at large” by Robert Cristante is a man-beast changing anthology.

The cedar chest.jpeg

The Cedar Chest

Edited by Chris Bartholomew
The Games of Champions by Robert Cristante is within this fantastic anthology.

Daily bites of Flesh.jpeg

Daily Bites of Flesh 2011

Edited by Jessy Marie Roberts
Horror in flash fiction form, with many contributors. Just a warning if you are strong enough to read with a torch then do so otherwise leave the lights on and enjoy a bite of flesh…

Oh the Horror.jpeg

Oh, The Horror

Edited by Chris Bartholomew
The listed contributors of this creeper horror that you would not want to sleep after reading this Anthology; especially reading the Freakish Creature Hour, when horror travels the roads in disguise as a sideshow act.

Trunk Stories.jpeg

Trunk Stories

Edited by Chris Bartholomew
This is the third instalment to a non-themed anthology with the many of the same contributors in The Cedar Chest and new writers too. Marcarllus’s Redemption by Robert Cristante is a struggle against one’s self for power to rule and the realization to redeem the actions of his crimes.

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