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Welcome to our updated site with a Newsletter which will come out every fourth month that is three editions a year. Please be aware that any email address that feels like it has spam it will be deleted. 

Welcome to Updated Site

Welcome to the updated site and with some good news that a Newsletter will come every fourth month in quarterly editions. Please click the Newsletter button below and follow instructions.


Please take a tour into the mind of an Author who loves reading in the Speculative Fiction world where every genre is within genre. You might not know that from every genre has  a sub-genre which literature Fiction is a Genre for Every Genre that holds many sub-genres. For my example here is one that could be frown on if we think we combine a non-fiction and science that has speculation with tested results through scientific studies. Speculation within science broadens to the facts by doing carbon testing and other tests to find the facts that was started as a speculative idea. This is where the belief of perception can take time to change a person through the sense that is belief itself is something we can’t see.
As January 2023 comes passing by, here we at Robert Cristante dot com is looking at the inner self and the friends who visit our site, you are in for a new look. As this site in the new year that is coming will change our ways by bringing a newsletter, which the author himself is going to do at a quarterly newsletter that is in the planning stages as we write this quick news section on this main page will have any new news here.

The Ducelord Chronicles

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R. C . Reviews

This site has been about ebook, Books and films review...


Published Works 

 This collection of flash fiction to short stories will be coming in September 2023. Have a look at his Published works...


About Author

He is Australian born... Speculative Fiction Author, writer and Non-Fiction...


The Ducelord Chronicles

Coming soon in the years between 2023 - 2030... Just keep watch on this page on the menu bar above or the Blog.

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