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Fantasy Landscape

Ducelord:- World-building

The Comparisons Science of Earth and Ducelord

This is a world where Ducelord is almost the same as Earth from its sun and its moon with two exceptions. Ducelord is twice the size of earth, the sun and the moon is twice the size of our moon and sun and the distances between them is also twice than Earth, the Moon and the Sun distances from each other.

Differences Between Earth & Ducelord - Averages in Distances

Averages from Earth to the Sun

Averages from the Earth to the Moon

Averages from Ducelord to the Sun

Averages from Ducelord to the Moon

Averages from Ducelord to Earth

Compare the differences between Earth and Ducelord.


Compass direction:-
Northern and Southern 

Earth we know the obvious natural order that each planet has a north pole and a south pole. There is a northern and a southern hemisphere where the equator is obvious to be at 180 degrees. On a compass, there are points known as North, South, East and West. The sunrises from the East and sunsets in the West. 


Each Directions of the compass is north to south as to east to west.

Even the course of directions on our world is northern hemisphere with the equator that divides the southern hemisphere.


Compass direction:-
Eastern and Western 


 ​Ducelord has one similarity that is they have a North and South poles.

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