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The Ducelord Chonicles

Cloudy Mountain

Welcome to Ducelord, my visitors...


Here is a slither of the epic tales. 

Ducelord as the World

This is a world where Ducelord is almost the same as Earth from its sun and its moon with two exceptions. Ducelord is twice the size of earth, its sun and its moon. Ducelord is a world with its sun and moon is a universe that has a connection to Earth through a time vortex that has an hourglass barrier that encompasses The Universe that mystifies people on Ducelord and many peoples who travel from Earth. The magic-power from the Gods to the many peoples of Ducelord is magically incline to the various level from all the races that is Ducelord, even animals and plants. There is an accident that happens in the beginning of two universes that is waged war against the Light and Darkness and the battlefield is Ducelord itself.

The above quote by the author, Robert Cristante is a glimpse into The Ducelord Chronicles, where the first volume or book of the chronicles is in its second draft, which will be coming from 2023 – 2033.

Psychic-connection and Pyshic-voyage Ducelord is connected to Earth by a psychic-connection to many travellers. A vortex or wormhole that is creating a White Light that makes the traveller travel through 93 billion light years back to the Big Bang where Ducelord's Universe resides. This connection between Earth and Ducelord is like an hourglass that is like an egg, the white of the egg is the universe we know, the yolk of the egg is Ducelord, and the sinew that connects the yolk and the white of the egg is the vortex and the wormhole. A white light creates the wormhole that makes the physic-voyage in a trillion-micro-minutes. It is like going through a time shift by opening the door and stepping through the door to see a world like a virtual real world experience, however your body is still on Earth. Ducelord's Habitants The shocking truth is to understand that there is no distinction between gods, goddess, race of different peoples, plants and animals are equal to each other. However, there was a time in the History of Ducelord that they all had considered being separate during The Separation Years.  The Prophecy of the True One is the primordial turning point which becomes the overall theme of The Ducelord Chronicles. The Mother and The Maker The peoples divided, had become distrusting of each race and yet two had kept them close to their heart. The Maker and the Mother had been the primary cause to bring the Twelve Races of Ducelord a sense of status-quo that is trading and such. The Law of The Land Virtually the Mother is the Law of The Land. Those who break the Law will be visited by the Sheer-cat who is the Mother's Judge.

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