Website Note, Birthday and Update

See those changes on the website, COVID-19 stop my creativity, computer had a fit of sorts, nostalgia of getting published, pleasure for the internet, with my father’s cancer scare, then his death and the seven weeks at Australian Italian Festival…

What I missed? Okay, it is a teaser.

As you might see, my webmaster and I are working on this website and doing our best to cope with the changes that are coming. It is a slow process and I hope all of my followers will follow as I work with the webmaster, who at this moment is working each day as humanly as possible. As I have just noticed, it is my website’s 11th birthday. Just so you know that COVID-19 had disrupted my entire year in 2020 and also the world. It also disrupted my surprises for last year’s 10th anniversary. However, if I can humanly do it, the surprises involve two surprises. I have a few plans to get started, which will come soon. Just watch this blog or the home page.

There were two years prior to 2010, where I played with websites and they were non-plume, which in fact has given much help with how I could tackle with websites, however I did have old school knowledge of HTML and other coding. From 2010 to 2015, I was paying no one to do the website as for those five years I had some technical problems with my computer. The short stories I sent to small press were giving rejections, well I had many since 2013. I had a tough time between 2015 and 2016, with another computer disaster, which I made the choice to get my website managed. In fact, I should have done that in the beginning, and now I only concentrate on the blog and the webmaster to do the rest. During this time of making sure everything was going well, someone had scammed me with everything taken and I had to change things across this website, my review site, bank, and my computer. It was a sad time, and my trust of people over phones has been, and even now, is not on good terms.

Luck would have it. I had a short story, accepted by an Australian small press and published. Since then, I used luck with my planning and it was in 2018; I bought security for my website. With COVID-19 has played with the stress levels of everyone on this planet; the only thing that saved me; was the internet which the cost hasn’t changed for me. Well, there is always a cost. The cost is not as much as I thought. I believe I would have gone mad if it was not for the internet. Netflix, YouTube, Facebook, and a good few Zoom meetings, I would have gone stir crazy. If it wasn’t for these four things to keep me sane, another big scare come. As Halloween 2020 arrived, my father had become sick. I had to deal with the worse thing: that any person on this earth is seeing a father wasting away with the worse cancer in the body. Pancreatic Cancer!

The moment I knew it was cancer was a long time since I had to come to terms with it. Not only that, my mother and sister. I had to make sure they were okay without them knowing that I was looking after them. They surprised me they were “a sort of okay” with the Cancer but in reality it was a day at a time phase which we all looked at as a day with our father and mum as a husband. It was mum that I worried about more than myself. My three nieces were also another thing I had to look after and my thought were for them – having family problems already for two years, which disrupt a family on both sides could be hard to take on their shoulders. It was one day at a time and even though it was a tough fight for my father; he did not feel no pain at all. For the Doctor who looks at my father had said that three months was the time we had with him. Two weeks after the diagnosis, he went to do the first chemo-radiation treatment and three days later was in hospital. After that he went to visit the doctor for that had given the diagnosis and said he did not want to do any more treatments. From 5th November 2020 to 26th February 2021, we all got to see him through Christmas and a few family birthdays, and then he went to hospital.

Even now, I still feel the strength I saw my father had during his time dealing with his coming death, he had the courage to go to the funeral services in my town where my sister works at, and ask for a plot for himself and for my mother, my sister and I. This he did before Christmas. He said that he did not feel any pain at all when mum would ask him. He even made sure of the pallbearers agreed to do it before he died. He made sure he had done those two things on a plot for the cemetery and six pallbearers to carry his coffin. He had always worked hard and even planned his wake as well. He had a loud voice, spoke loud and couldn’t hear. His sense of humour to the end of life may sound macabre. But my father had 12 days in hospital and died on the 10th March 2021. After getting to choose the coffin for my dad, I made a joke of it, and after nine days, we buried him.

Since then and now, as the financial year closes, I have been busy with the Australian Italian Festival. It just now that I had been writing something from last year, but it kind of gone by so quick that I missed weeks of doing something on my blog. Thus, here I have come back to re-blog my year so far with some good news on my writing side to relate that I am editing my first draft of The Ducelord Chronicles:- First Book – The Saga of Twins – This title might change as I work on it. Also working on the coming soon – Just sitting at my computer desk… Writing, with this title may change, as well.

As well as doing the editing of the first book, I’m on my second book of the Ducelord Chronicles. Just keep watching the Ducelord Chronicles on the menu on the right side of the menu next to my name or on the bottom right side. As I sign off, happy writing, making, creating anything that is your hobby, then do it. Enjoy what you love. Remember, keeping busy at these times is a plus. To get a vaccine to prevent some symptoms of COVID-19  is best to have. I will get my second shot on Friday. I see a silver-line in this COVID-19 cloud because of the COVID-19 vaccination getting delivered is also a promising future.

Kept writing, keep social distancing and most important is too, keep safe.

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