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Jittery Jitters! Australian Italian Festival.

Jittery jitters! Yeah, it is my time clock has been wound up. Time has passed so fast and it is complete and is being printed as I write this. What am I talking about? I have been working so hard, that I’m in the zone of being… Heck, I am getting very jittery and the stomach-churning with happiness and anxious for the coming weekend. As I get close to the date of sale of this Historical Book that is the tip of the iceberg, is a small and yet big task I had to do.

Under some stress since my last post, I had completely forgotten to say what I was working on is really big that is and has been a part of my heritage and to be proud of what it is to be an Australian Italian. Yes, when I was young I hated the terms people put to Italians or any person from different cultures in a cerian terminology that defame the person who is proud of their culture. I really hated it until I saw what I had to overcome to be proud of my culture. Being Australian was something inhibited by my part of my Italian heritage, I also felt torn.

It was in 1995 that open my mind in the right frame, it was the inaugural event of the Australian Italian Festival in Ingham, North Queensland, now it is truly out, laugh out loud! This is where I was born and breed. The place where the Australian Italian Festival has been running until now, which is its 25th year. Here is the reason I have held so much time in compiling and writing this Historical Book, over the last four months.

I know about 500 hours of work, every day, seems so much, however, it is an exhilarating ride that I found it so much, interesting in knowing how a non-profit organisation works. Getting into the background was simulating for a writer and an author like me. It also helps with the world-building for a writer. I know I haven’t mention world-building and such but that will come in later posts. Here I am trying to say that without knowing the history of anything that is an event or an organisation seems pretty lost. Since I found it interesting in knowing the Australian Italian Festival as a non-profit organisation in itself is the reason why I wrote the History of the Australian Italian Festival 25th Anniversary Special Edition for free as a volunteer.

It is a pleasure to do it. Honest and proud to show my Italian Heritage and my Australian birthplace being in Ingham. So I hope any of my visitors here, I hope to see you in my hometown. Sorry for the short time frame but if you are in the area or passing by and wish to come to the Australian Italian Festival, please do. Prices on entry are on the Australian Italian Festival website – just google it.

Come and taste the Italian flavour. Eat, Drink and Celebrate!