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Spring Cleaning

Many days has passed since my last post, and you were wondering; what’s going on in my world?¬†Well, it is very much the same but you can guess by this post’s title. Spring cleaning and since I am running in a normal way – as normal as one can – I still can’t believe, how time runs so fast. Its almost half way through October, before my week of horror starts – thus theme change.

As I’m cleaning my room in the next week, I’m think of next month because its Nanowrimo – write 50000 word novel. It is since 2013 was my last time that I made 50000 words and this year I must make it. I will make it. Why cleaning my room? It is simple an answer, I need the air-conditioner on because next month starts the Australian summer, humid hot and storms and cyclone watch season. It is life for me but I wouldn’t live anywhere else – except for a snow wonderland or cold areas like Tasmania.

Just thought to drop in for a short post to say as I’m as busy as a duck with its head chopped off. HA! I’m sorry for the mind graphic, but it does feel like this, because it is that busy. Just note that I’ll be back in December with a run-down of what has happen – Halloween, Nanowrimo and my life.