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The months go fast

As I look at my sense of time seemed to have passed by like a time warp, its almost Easter. Yes I know, I missed the new year celebrations update and new years resolutions, but my excuse is that I was doing my new years resolutions. One of them is de-cluttering and making room for more space, when I can use my wheelchair.

Built a new wardrobe, cupboard and desk unit which made extra space with a new bed as my Christmas present. January was filled with building and lost track soon after with my new project which will begin my road to be known in my home town. I can’t reveal anything at the moment, until I can be sure, but I can say this, it is about writing and editing a book.

With this short week, I am just touching base because my mind said website change for Easter, thus here I’m am and next week it is ANZAC DAY which also is another time for catch up and change. The Bunny theme for Easter, one week only – its chocolate Easter eggs and bunnies. I’ll be chocolate out or hyper by next Tuesday.