Success One

Its been a while since I have posted something because in two parts; one, I am on a project that is close to its finishing but it is only a snippet of what is to be done; and two that is why I am writing this post.

I have been doing what most people do each and every year goal settings and one day about two months ago, I saw a post on my facebook about a submission that is Australian publisher. Before I thought about it, my sub-conscience mind had made a decision which grew in my mind. As the month that came to send in the submission, I looked at the story I wanted for and read it aloud and let the computer to read it in MS Word in the Review tab for speech – Read Aloud. With this and my reading of it made me think more clearly and hear the story I was going to send to the editor of the publisher. This new Read Aloud feature was, even more, better for me but there is another software I use and that is Grammarly. This is why the success of one of my five-year goals has come true.

I am amazed because I did something that I never have done since 2010, that is to forget about sending the short story and thought, never getting accepted for the short story. Once, I did this I was amazed that my story was accepted. Six days ago, I signed the contract and now is to wait for me and the editor to work together to edit for the Fire and Brimstone – A Demonic Compendium of the Wicked, Fallen and Accursed Anthology to be released in October this year.

Oh before I go, the first thing I was talking about is a Historical Book – a snippet of one of my local town’s festival but more important to me, which will be revealed as the time gets closer to August. This will be ready, very soon for August; just watch this space in the following weeks to come, a weekly post.

Three Weeks Update

I have been reviewing all my options with themes for my site as well as my life and it is all coming into the black or into the positive. I have been working very hard in the three weeks since my last post. And it looks like I have thirty-nine subscribers and all from ***.ru, and I hope they are finding what I am trying to do as a writer, author, editor and proofreader as interesting as I love what I do. If I find spam from those or any subscribers who come here, they will be deleted and blocked from site.

Spam is not tolerated
  Thus here I have one rule, this rule is simple – Spam is not tolerated. I have a webmaster and I must say he is very thorough and he is working with me as quick as I was hoping. This rule is needed because I don’t want any spam from subscribers and I hope you do not want any spam from me, either. I had to take down the login, signup pages because of those .ru but I feel I had to make sure this rule was stated. I am going to put those pages back up. I was also in discussions with my webmaster for a future bulletin board. It is something that is what I think would be something that my subscribers would like to be a part of. As you may guess this first rule is what I believe will be a part that board and as you have noted by now I let things go by but there will be rules in the board and this site.

As you can see by the way things have been going, I have much to do. From the Services page is only, a third way through and bookshop is coming soon. Speaking of bookshop is not going up until I have completed a book that I’m editing at the moment.

I have a new logo and site icon. I wanted something new and since 2010 when I have grown more from a writer to author and such, with new credentials such as editor and proofreader. I am starting to create a website which is like the others that have been lost (I have some backups copied in a notepad file, which I’m working on transferring to a Archive page(Coming Soon…)) or I have changed. With this I will try as humanly as possible to return to posting, and making sure this website moves smoothly as possible.

For those of you who know what writers and authors do; well – write, edit, rewrite again and again until a alpha and beta readers see it before sending to publishers and that in itself is just half the battle. Then the publishers’ editors read your completed story or novel and then if that story is accepted then its a re-edit, upon a re-edit back and forth between editor and author for a certain number of days to months and even, before it is published, there is a process that I know not much about but I know this much, it is hard work. The stress of writing and editing before sending to the publishers is the great hurdle that I might talk about in my next post.

Signing off but working hard… watch this blog station and same blog channel for next post.