Pre-release of The Three Tales of Kings

The Three Tales of Kings will be pre-release on Wednesday 22 July 2020, will be my first foray in eBook publishing. It will be available through Smashwords. There is three short stories that are based in Ducelord; is the centre of the Universe.
Ducelord is a world where Light and Darkness fight for power and dominance.

The Three Tales of Kings…

The first short story is called Lazuli and Kabuli which is set in the Western Hemisphere where two nations fought for land and one will fight for love.
The second short story is called The Dragon King is set in the Eastern Hemisphere, twin sons need to accept their place in a world where dragons are coming.
Within the mists between the  Eastern and Western Hemispheres, The King of Notting is being called; only one from Earth hears the call to help the Land of Notting.

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