Coronavirus and Silver Lining

Corona Beer Virus was my inside-joke but it is not a joke at all. It started in 2019 and it has travelled all over the world in a matter of three months like the bushfires in Australia. It was scary for those who had fires in the southern states of Australia. And now with Covid19 has halted many services and many of millions even billions across the whole world has become a warzone of a virus that is the cousin to Sars.

I never thought that of all the services that felt like a norm would cripple my life as it did and still does as I get around in my mind and said this to myself – Nature is telling us something. Not much of a church-goer or strictly religious – I have a certain type of faith and spirituality inside of me. I believe everyone has a good understanding of their own faith and spirituality. I am more concern in the mere common sense that is in these strange times and I mean in this dark real world there is a silver lining. What silver lining? It is really hard for the number of deaths that have so far occurred and those that have been infected and those who don’t know if they are infected. There was a moment that I felt a sore throat and went to my GP and just stay home and wait it out. Of course, I did stay at home and got better, lucky it was just the normal sore throat that a capsule of L-sync worked.

Easter came and went, however, I had two check-ups with specialists and I just could not even have any energy because of my health issues. With all the news about Covid19 and messages saying Stay home stay safe was a bit like a spider climbing the wall. In fact, watching a spider climbing the wall was fascinating to watch for a short while instead of thinking about being isolated. Stay 1.5 meters away from people was the most daunting of the provisions of social distancing, sterilise your hands or wash hands with soap; I know that all over the world the governments are helping us with these precautions because of our safety.

I know this seems to be the hardest part of the history we all live in but it is serious and Nature is telling us all to wake up. This is a sign(for me) that we as common people across the world should be getting together and talking about our planet. Since the beginning of the coronavirus, it made me think that even Coronavirus can put all nations who believe in God, to stop and think about – staying safe and staying alive. Another silver lining that sparks one-word, HOPE. If there is any hope left in this world we live in is to believe in the scientists who are busy with finding a vaccine for Covid19. One thing without naming a leader of a wealth of business is trying to buy the vaccine for money. This is so wrong full stop. He should be helping the world like the scientists who are working to find the vaccine to make us all be protected from such a virus. I really hate profiteers from a crisis such as this Covid19 has reeked the world.

I’m trying to put an optimistic outlook after this crisis goes away. Why? We NEED to look to after this crisis because it will be the new norm. I’m trying to establish that once the restrictions of cafes, shops and social distancing lower, our greetings may be the bow of the¬†head to say hello, an elbow hit and etc. It should be a slow process but we will get back to social outings but the number might be small of a certain number, maybe fifty people at a gathering in nightclubs, restaurants and cafes. Then the numbers increase and everything will go back to the way it was but with minor restrictions which I believe should be ingrained in our minds. A minor restriction like if someone is sick should stay home for 14 days and if it gets bad to seek medical advice.

As Anzac day has passed without a march, to light a candle was all we could do. For me, it just brought me back to three years ago where I stayed home and enjoyed the life I had. Last week, I flew off the handle so to speak, it just another condition I call to this evil virus has restricted to the point I needed to have my eyes checked. I have markings within my retina that are similar to pulling the glad wrap until ripples that look like wrinkles are near the retina in the eyes. I have been at least four years without a checkup but the restriction is for only emergencies. The eyes are not a thing to play around with. I could go on without a checkup, but I call this emergency. Anyway, I make it short, I did get to see the optometrist and I needed to change the lens to the frames of spectacles.

It is just the 6th of May, 2020 and its almost my tenth year on the online world. Watch out for more as I start to reminisce about the first flash fiction I was accepted and published for the love of anthology collection. Here I’m contemplating again in a different way of publishing by self-publishing three short stories that are about 14500 words without counting a title page, a blank page, copyright page, sub-title page, contents page, introduction page and biography page in 32 pages as an ebook. Also thinking about the physical book option (34 pages long adding a blank page and the back cover page, where the blurb is written) once this virus passes. Keep safe and plotting/plodding on.

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