Christmas around the corner

Yes, it is literally 1 week away from today, I’m on edge of the office chair with a few things that is happening in North Queensland. One – and the most important is a sad point that an uncle in my family has passed for greener pastures or whatever you call heaven. Another sad thing is Nanowrimo was a disaster – written only 5000 words of which, I need to restart from scratch.

There is a secret that I can’t share at the moment but will do so at July – what I can say is that has to do with a book and I’ll be doing some (well a lot of) work on it and helping the community as well. As for the new year, I’ll start this project in the end of January and expect to finish by the middle of July.

Well, its that time again – but before I do say it, I have another book that will be coming out soon and I am just looking at some ways of providing this book as a self publish project. It is going to be a hectic 2019 year. Thus, I going to say a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.

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