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2019 That Was

First, as you guessed from my last post, I am on fire so to speak. With a long rest from the Australian Italian Festival, it is one very roller-coaster ride where one gets overwhelmed with the goings-on and after all the Italian pride I have in my blood has subdued to celebrate it with proudness. It was this process in looking at pictures and looking at the history of the Australian Italian Festival that brought my thoughts to writing, I’m thinking of a series of posts about writing. Different posts about planning, writing, the business of writing, story acts and such; this will be in 2020.

January to August

As posted above my only thought was the Australian Italian Festival; looking at photos and reading original reports from 1995 to 2018. Each day I read the reports put to note about it and scanning photos for the historical book. It was a complex task to sort the historical writing and photos to put the book together.

During or sometime during May 2019, I looked at a story I wrote and made sure it was appropriate for the guidelines of a small press in Australia was correct, then making sure that it was correct for consistency plus there were no errors in it. Sent the short story in and before I knew it, the story was accepted and I needed to sign a contract online, which I did straight away. In truth, the short story I sent; I thought, an rejection was coming. Luck had a part in the editor who read the short story because it must have been a good day. I would not be lucky next time because I know how much time I wrote that short story. It was left in a drawer or folder in my computer gathering into age or byte. The thing was the story had potential that I knew of and had hoped to sell it and more so when it was sold here in Australia.

At July, I found that I was working day and night on the Australian Italian Festival 25th Anniversary Special Edition. It was such a hectic month that the end week of July and the beginning of August leading to the festival was mindblowing that my mind needed a rest. I felt I was on cloud nine. I was amazed that the historical book was just in time for the festival. Even during the festival, I had two people ask for signing the historical book. Just a little plug this book will also be available in the new year.

In the interim of August, I was resting and rejuvenating the body but as they say no rest for the wicked, I started cleaning my office cupboard and desk and it ends as such I need to buy filing cabinet with two drawers and another two filing drawer cabinet that will fit under my desk. So a storm is in my room where its an office and a bedroom all in one. It’s like a tardis, well blue is the colour of my bedroom/office. Well, a storm is not the case as I have an air conditioner on at a cool breeze of 18 degrees celsius and it has ice throwing out its vents and like an asteroid, the ice turns to spit of rain. New air conditioner!

And I’m in December, with Christmas at the heels and then New Year Eve also around the corner. So here that was 2019 and only two things done this year and it looks like my other projects that were to come out, will be out sometime next year. One last thing, with so much happening next year, you’ll have to come by and see.

Happy Holidays to all cultures of the world and celebrate it whichever way you like it, and also, remember this, have a safe holiday. See you in 2020.