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The months go fast

As I look at my sense of time seemed to have passed by like a time warp, its almost Easter. Yes I know, I missed the new year celebrations update and new years resolutions, but my excuse is that I was doing my new years resolutions. One of them is de-cluttering and making room for more space, when I can use my wheelchair.

Built a new wardrobe, cupboard and desk unit which made extra space with a new bed as my Christmas present. January was filled with building and lost track soon after with my new project which will begin my road to be known in my home town. I can’t reveal anything at the moment, until I can be sure, but I can say this, it is about writing and editing a book.

With this short week, I am just touching base because my mind said website change for Easter, thus here I’m am and next week it is ANZAC DAY which also is another time for catch up and change. The Bunny theme for Easter, one week only – its chocolate Easter eggs and bunnies. I’ll be chocolate out or hyper by next Tuesday.

Christmas around the corner

Yes, it is literally 1 week away from today, I’m on edge of the office chair with a few things that is happening in North Queensland. One – and the most important is a sad point that an uncle in my family has passed for greener pastures or whatever you call heaven. Another sad thing is Nanowrimo was a disaster – written only 5000 words of which, I need to restart from scratch.

There is a secret that I can’t share at the moment but will do so at July – what I can say is that has to do with a book and I’ll be doing some (well a lot of) work on it and helping the community as well. As for the new year, I’ll start this project in the end of January and expect to finish by the middle of July.

Well, its that time again – but before I do say it, I have another book that will be coming out soon and I am just looking at some ways of providing this book as a self publish project. It is going to be a hectic 2019 year. Thus, I going to say a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.

Holiday Weekend

Its the Queens’ Birthday or Labour Day holiday tomorrow or today or whatever timezone you live in, here, Australia celebrate it.

It was changed from June to this weekend. And I rather celebrate it in June but it seems fortuitous that I need not worry about it anyway because I celebrate in June anyway. Its her birthday then.

My computer has Labour Day and I really don’t know and not only that I really drawn a blank to which holiday Australia is celebrating.

Anyway, I think a day off is a good thing especially working all Sunday, during this morning till just before midnight. For all Australians here and overseas, enjoy tomorrow.