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2016 & 2015


Well first, oh look at the time that passed… it’s August already, as I’m on the way back to being on a schedule, it’s been one step forward and two back; heck its been three steps back.

I like to say things are going not so good at the moment. My mother is okay now but with my father having problems, I really need more good vibes. Anyway I hold on, as humanly as possible, with this site. Please, be aware that once things get better and some normality returns, I hope to be able to continue with the news I have which at the moment is on hold.

Just taking a day at a time and prayer it be better than it has been so far.

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Thoughts and such

What Eleven days?

Well just to say the new year was okay, just enough to enjoy and take each day as it comes. Well it was just okay until the eighth day of January. It also another thing when you get to deal with the same person on Monday. And just got more interesting. How interesting? Well let me just say that it got so interesting that I can’t even begin a week on a good note at all. Hurdles is what seems to be a part of my life today. It was such that last year this time seemed to blow my mind when I change something and it worked out okay until a holiday which was good at the time end with a shock which had come to another one after another during last year especially the end of the year. Even as I write this it seems I’m on the verge of a climatic point which seems to be looking at the road that is going down hill in a zig-zag fashion into an valley of water.

Crazy ideology, but that is how it feels at the moment. I am getting too scared by bringing my hopes too high to be smacked down with a building block. This is not the writer who can deal with writer’s block; it’s life in beeping general. Curve balls that hit your gut so much that getting up seems to be harder than say never give up. The saying those words is easy but the action is harder. The truth is by margin more horrible than living in a fantasy world.

As you read this by now – the two paragraphs were written on Monday morning and looking good by that night. But like life complicated curved balls, it hits again on Wednesday afternoon, with trying to find help from a service I need – I hate being treated like a stupid person and going to three places made me go very crazy and my anger was close to exploding. Lucky for me by the night time I was enjoying life again. Happy is how I like to be treated…  Oh one thing, Monday afternoon was so good that I had a problem with my site and it was fix by a wonderful support person whom help me very well, indeed.

As today is Thursday in Australia and I have had a good day so far, life is in my good books at the moment. I know these curved balls happen for a beeping reason, to build character and such is always good for who I am as a writer. I believe it to be. Of course, a rant is a negative and nothing equals in a positive.  Of course Life will bring those curved balls in a form of a person who you know or a stranger; and what is done by you forms you as a person/character.

The interesting part about being a writer, I could use the persons in my story or opus and send them on a perilous quest… (evil laugh)

As tomorrow(Friday) is so close to the day where I’ll be busy with a few things on the cleaning front and planning front for the year, also in the beginning of the next few weeks, I’ll be tending to entertain a family member after an operation with some movies and such.

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Xmas, 2015 that was and 2016

Well as my holidays are slowly coming up where I have three weeks off from the internet, that means no usage at all except for movies and such while I watch TV. All this is to relax and reboot my system with some new thoughts and plans to the new year.

2015 that was

As this will be my last post for 2015, it was one hell of an awkward year. Backups is an important thing and even having a word document for a website is also a good way for keeping a back up. I know it is a not a good way but it still you gives a better solution than any other practical way. A printout is a good copy as well especially when you can use a free PDF document by using the software called Cute-PDF. The best thing about using this software is you can use your printer which interacts with Cute-PDF software and prints a file which you can save as a PDF. You can print it out or open the file and use it as a backup for your website. It is very much up to you; how to use it and because of this it helped me in a long run to bring my site back from a stupid mistake – thus as you can see by the posts I have done is only 4 with this post makes 5. You can read most of the posts that I lost through this year at R C Archives; and while there you can read more of the lost posts by clicking the year.

As I stated in the last post Nanowrimo was busted and I didn’t get the word count I expected but I do have an option for it after the holidays to make into a story for an anthology. Of course, I must do a little check of what I done and edit it into a story. Looking to the bright side of life has been a motto to live by but lately everything has some dark side to my life. My writing life for 2015 has its second year of rejections and my answer to this is my stories were either started okay or not at all. Anyway as the year ends on a quiet note with no stories published this year, I believe the events of the world has plague my outcomes. As this month comes to a close, I’m having a few choices which seem to be a better option for next year.  Thinking of next years has been  and will always been to plan for the year to come.


As I write this, one of my thoughts is at the moment becoming a book, as you can see on my home page where Coming soon 2018-2020. The collection is very much my stories that have been printed and my copyrights is now reverted to me. So as you can see that I have a five year plan for this collection for two reasons, 1) the problems of life is plotted in the equation; and 2) the time factor that is the cost of publishing. If I was going through the tradition way, I would have to find a publisher who wants to printout a collection the way I want it to be produced – thus I’m going the self-publishing way. Which gets to my next point!

2016 resolutions

I usually follow my plans but sometimes life has played her hand in most of my decisions and this time I’ll not say my resolutions at all  and hope to do them in the new year.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Nanowrimo Month

I started Nanowrimo off slowly and the word count was okay but it fused out quickly. Even though, I made sure no disturbances were on my door but the subject of my story kept being stalled by the infamous of killers. Just which killer I am talking about? The most exclusive of murderers of our time and England’s first media frenzied of the newspaper circuit of 1888 – Jack the Ripper. Of course, it is one of the most plausible case that actually has many peoples enthralled by for at least 127 years. Here I am trying to explain that my muse departed for greener pastures which blew my thought patterns; and my writing hit the wall… this novel idea, I had for this Nanowrimo project had flown away.

Nanowrimo was a busted month because of some family matter which is still an ongoing problem. The next post that comes will be a long and winded, and possible the shortest year that was 2015, some Xmas cheer and new year resolutions.



On the eve of Halloween, the hour before midnight, a lonely figure walks on a cobbled stone road, with an urgency to return home… The figure stops, under the gaslight, the only street lamp lit held the darkness at bay. For a short repose, the figure hunched a little because of the meagre stress of growing old. The figure had dress like the rich class gentlemen of Victorian London, fiddles in his waistcoat’s pocket for his only expensive bought item he could afford – a pocket watch, looks at the time… at fifteen past eleven, which he calculated to be fifteen minutes to the next light. Then he looks into the darkness, which he knew the trails short cut, through the cemetery and to the last gaslight street lamp.

He purchased the darkness with some seamless backbone he could muster. He ran, he hate the dark and he hated to work so late but he had to for he hated Halloween even more. Little each year he moves closer to his workplace nothing ever prepares for his most hated time of the night. Even though he tried to calculate the time, he falls over a freshly dug grave and re-estimates by the smell of gaslight burning which his senses were acute. It was this mixture of fresh dug up soil and oil from the gaslight had made it longer when he purchased the bleak glow of light. Instantly he took out the pocket watch and saw the time – quarter to twelve.

His senses atrophies in the quickening moment of madness, heartbeats sprung to his ears, he runs but to his most hatred the chime of the church bell for midnight, had announced the new day. He had reached his door to which he screams; the keys he tries to fumble for had dropped to the sidewalk. He swore a word but spoke, “I’m done. Take me darkness. I’ve avoided thee a long time…”

Laughter, evil laughter surrounds the ears of the man, who hated the darkest, evil creature to inhabit earth…

Well the excerpt above is something I thought to bring to this post and since it is a day before Halloween, I felt it appropriate for tomorrow’s holiday.

I do like to celebrate this holiday, but I do so in secret because my father does not believe in it. I know but one must do so secretly in my case. Anyway, I enjoy the holiday with horror movies and you can see my reviews at my review site by clicking here.

This year Halloween coincides with my towns’ local festival. So I will be enjoy it a little more than usual. I have a few tricks up my sleeves which I’ll keep quiet about them.  So I’ll hope you all have a safe and scary Halloween…

P.S. After Halloween, is All Souls Day and the next day is All Saints Day, I usually celebrate these days in my own way. Since Nanowrimo, I have done in the last few years has become my most important month where I write a 50,000 word novel.


Halloween, Jack the Rippper, Nanowrimo – National Novel Writing Month.

A Little Mayhem

Yesterday was a  good day, and finished with a good night. However today, turns out to be broken and it seems the world is giving me problems such is the title of this post. Tomorrow I’ll be in the city, with my mum who has to do colonoscopy and endoscopy is not a good thing to do but it does give you some peace of mind.

Anyway, on my Sunday post, I spoke of what I was going to do. But something was not what I wanted and thus I was on the verge of throwing my computer at the wall. Of course, after a walk and a few swear words, I had an idea. I deleted the themes I had and also deactivated and deleted plugins. As you can see my website is back to the Twenty Ten theme.

Why? Well it is very cliche! Keep it simple stupid. Yes it should have been simple. From a little problem tends to get bigger when you have interruptions. Even though, I write it down, it just gets bigger than before. Okay, as you can see I kept it simple. Because I am busy at the moment, I will be in the next few days and hope to write a little about my favorite day for this month which I like to call Halloween Month. As the month draws close to the last week of the month, I have a week where I call Horror Movie Week.

I have more to say but time has flown by like a jet screamer and my stomach aches for food.

Once again, please comment below…


What has happen?

It’s been one week of hell, well I like hell not when I have to do more research for next month.

Okay I should start at the beginning. As I should start with what happen? Well it seems so weird that even now I think about it, I should not have done it. Yes I hear the clogs moving even as I was going to explain why. Well let me just say that I wanted a new theme and before I knew it my alter-egos decided to put a few cents worth to the mixture. The muse had enough of the ruckus of the techie and the perfectionist. The techie knew a change was coming but the perfectionist wanted more bells and whistles. Of course I knew my darker and sleeping monster has been getting ready for this months holiday which he enjoys as do I. Mr Vampire(for those of you who not know, he is my alter-ego) and I enjoy Halloween.

Of course, the perfectionist did a reset of the WordPress site a week ago. It was not a place to be as last week brought me and my muse some disharmony. The funny thing about this is that even though the problem occurred because of the perfectionist side of me, my monster, Mr Vampire rises its ugly head, decides not to interrupt the mayhem, between the Technical and the perfectionist. The Technical side looks to Mr Vampire and avoids the receiving end of the vampire’s fangs.

Well the Technical side had changed the gear and nodded a yes, a conundrum, the Perfectionist side held a gaze of the techie and looks to the direction of Mr Vampire. The smile of my alter ego, brought the battle to a close. Just as if that would work?

Hang on, what have I written… a yikes… Has the muse been playing with me, again? That sounds like Inside Out movie but not a kids movie. Yes but as I said in the beginning, hell of a week. Like Get Smart used to say “And loving it.” One thing I had done was back up everything. The most important thing to do. I have just worked the week on the website. (A little not to self don’t listen to the perfectionist.)

Today, starts my week to do more of the fine details of my research for next month.  What is next Month? Well it is a month for writers who are up for a challenge to write a 50,000 word novel – Nanowrimo – National Novel Writing Month. I have done this a while but for most of the years, it just hard not to give up on this challenge. But it is what I am doing as I always have done. This time I have researched on serial killers and it is easy to know that one of the most famous of serial killers is Jack the Ripper.

Before I go on and reveal more, you’ll have to wait and see.

As I write this, I’m awaiting on a competition I’ve entered, come back soon. As I leave you here, pondering on the new look of my site, I do like to hear from you… actually read some of your comments below or you can use the contact page(please read it before sending the message).

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September 2015

Writers of the Future Contest

Well as I write this, about a few months ago, I decided to write for a competition which is the biggest one in the world. This competition I wrote for had been in the back of my mind since I started in 2007. Writers and Illustrators of the Future is a prestigious contest which I knew about even longer than 2007. I think its been a long time since I had ever thought about it. It is funny how my life changed when I heard about the history of the man behind the Writers and Illustrators of the Future Contest. May I explain this in more detail.Let me go back to the boy I was, a shy and mousy type of person but only a fraction of time until I find the confidence to speak and be friendly. Unlike the man I am now, I have seen things that has rattle my mind for years. In a way, I’m still shy until I get the confidence, and still, I feel no different than I am now. Writing is an extension of myself.

Here is the funny, eerie thing that to this day, until I did find out about the history of the competition, in 1980 I started to write a story – a boy of ten; and then in three years later, Mr. L. Ron Hubbard started a competition with a different name to the current one.The boy changed over the years but my constant thought was and to this day, is writing. The competition had to change its name to Writers of the Future in 1984 and four years later added Illustrators of the Future. It was about the mid 1990’s when I found out about the contest, but my life experience is not enough to enter this prestigious contest. I knew one thing then, my English was not good enough. Eventually, it was my own self doubt that held me back.I forged on and in July I sent off my first entry to Writers of the Future Contest. It has me wondering many weird stuff to dream in the meantime and awaiting the answer. While I am awaiting the outcome, I have another story I’m working on for the next quarter.

July, August and September 2015

Life so far… Getting paid in writing. And don’t expect getting big.

Note this is a big post…
It has been a little better than expected. Of course, it is a slow process in the way life throws obstacles at me. I’m seeing a few things that need to be planned a little more better than they are. As I am looking to ways of changing my schedule which is an ongoing process, this also takes another thing in consideration and it usually is the budget or financial aspect of my life.

No matter how much planning you do, there is always a financial aspect to consider. My hobby is a financial price to add to the budget. This is my first time I ever spoke on the financial aspect side of the business of writing. First off, as a starting author, well consider having a number of short stories and flash fiction have been published and come out of print because the small press has closed down and even though those stories I sold for no monetary value, is for exposure only. Are they invalid? I’m not sure! My thoughts is yes and no. Yes the stories are out of print and are publishable again, and when I do resell them they’ll be paid and I want nothing else for them.

As for my CV/Resume for proposal to future business with editors of small presses and publishers is not good because I have to restart again. It only hinders the submission process but realistically this should not, but it does deep down in my thoughts. Okay, the process of writing stories is another post, however, it is most important that your best writing is sent to an editor of a small press and/or publishers.
As for the monetary value, for me, has not been the one thing on my mind. In the lower parts of my mind, it was the most kept secret of all time, I wouldn’t be human; if I wasn’t wanting money for my writing. But the truth is my writing was for exposure only. I took me a long time to work out the kinks in my writing.

Please bear in mind, this and the next paragraph talks about pricing and this could change depending on which publisher/small press you sent submissions to. Pricing a cost per word in the past history of publishing was done by a certain standard, a long time has been as low as 0.005 cents to as high as 0.05 cents per word. Recently, in the last two years, 0.06 cents or 0.08 cents per word is the most you can get for being paid that is depended on the word count and depended on the publisher and/or small press. Usually a flat rate of pay is plausible for the amount of $25 or up to $75 dollars a story, not on the word count; depended on the publisher/small press. Usually the flat rate is given by a starting small press who think the author/writer who starts his/her career in writing should have a monetary value. Usually the small press pays a flat rate and don’t give royalties, because they are starting out and later they would give those royalties. Don’t expect it straight away coming rich on the meager cost of being a writer/author. It would take years to get big like Stephen King or J K Rowling but don’t expect too.

Well for example if you wrote a 2500 word short story, you would get anything from $12.50 to $125 plus royalties each quarter that is depended on the anthology you sub for and the contract you sign for. Please bear in mind this is not a standard price and the publishers or small presses use their own way of paying the writer/author. $150 or $200 for a short story is a good amount for a month of work that is from reading a submission, the idea, the week of writing and two weeks of editing and then the week without looking at the short story to final edits. This example is very limited and there is another thing that I’ve noticed over eight years, that the standard has changed between each publisher and/or small press. Each publisher and/or small press have their own payment system which they can afford to pay. We have to realistically look at the two entities differently.

Firstly, small presses are dwindling slowly as new ones come to start their business, each small press has one person who owns and has a co-owner with them or a group of four people who work coherently (if possible), they work on the enthusiasm of getting an anthology or two out. They decide that the first three is for exposure only… which looked well and good. Then they would seek to come up with a cost per word or a flat rate fee.
Just you know, the money come from their own money(cost from their bank accounts) for the small press. That is why most small presses close up because of the growing number of writers/authors and expenses in running a business does creep up to to being used as a credit liability and sometimes become bankrupted. Think this through and looking at $5000 in publishing an anthology that is from paying writers/authors, editors, artists for book-covers, marketing and other costs. The cost of returns in a small press is less because Print on Demand is perfect for them, but it still costs allot to pay but the moneys coming from an anthology is less than the cost of the expense doing the anthology.

Publishers on the other hand, started its first time as a small press and grew into a publishing company(remember this), they had a good business sense, and knew what the public(readers) wants. They have done it because they were enjoying the benefits because they had the knowledge of each part of the business from editing to marketing and so on. They took risks and grew to be multi-million dollar companies. Okay I just said that, PLEASE keep this in mind they are in it for the profit and as well as providing books to the public. They have had hard times that they would close also or would merge with another publisher to keep afloat – that is why you read that an imprint publisher is looking for submissions. This is for another post. Getting back to the traditional publishers, they were the starters for the 0.05 cents per word-count cost plus royalties. A 5000 word story is $250 at most but usually traditional publishers look for novels. Most of the times there was an advance on novels plus royalties. Looking at less than $6000 in an advance but this has changed now. I am guessing at the amount of the advance – but somewhere I read that one well named author(I can’t remember the name of the author) did received an amount close to $4000 in a advance. Later he had to pay it back to the publisher.

Mostly small presses are slowly dwindling but there are a few that strive to go forward. Recently I noticed a magazine which I class as a traditional publisher but also holds some links to small press is a semi pro business – in fact, these is my next step in my goal. The submission for the magazine had fiction stories that wants word-counts from the 3000 to 17250. They also wanted flash fiction stories and they had a flat rate fee of $25 for 300 – 1000 words, 1000 – 5000 words at 0.05 cents, the next 5000 at 0.15 and the next 5000 at 0.25 cents. It stated that around $2000 for a 17250 word-count. Please bear in mind the above costs of payment does not conform to all publishers and/or small presses.

Remember I have researched all the above and the examples are also determine as an overall look at particular set of the details if one was to write a story/novel.
Realistically, it is a long lonely road of rejections which you need to overcome. Basically I feel it is a process of learning and what better place than start at the bottom. Like every job you start after the interview stage is start from the bottom and working your way up. In fact after eight years I never thought I be writing this post. I first thought what is important was to work out the CV/resume in my writing career. So first I wrote for exposure and if I can get a paid story as well. It was a long process since I started back in 2007. It was a slow process with about five stories a year, but to have each story rejected each time. My own stubbornness may have been in play, which has been my own prudence not to give up; could have played into my new found hope. It was marginally small at the time.

Well it was at the time which I received a diagnosis which I have written about and I’m in the process of doing a collection of the eight years of writing stories.(Please bear in mind it is a collection which I will be editing and putting together as well.) More will come with this collection just watch this space.

Getting paid was a long time in coming, but when I did got accepted, it was like winning money all over again. The elation of working for three years, was more than expected. Even though I write this, it was short lived. A writing course and a second writing course has given more than I needed, the confidence to strive higher. After a two thousand plus dollars expense to my writing career was worth it more than I expected. Like I said, it took three years exactly, that I had my first accepted story – a flash fiction of just shy of 400 words was the first slot on the CV/Resume even though it was for exposure. In 2010 was the first story and during that year exposure was the go. I could have went on but exposure was a thrill like winning at the poker-machines. I almost went on a bender, if it wasn’t for a submission which brought a payment which was by luck itself. It was a gamble but it seems that by august 2010, I was picked from the hat to do a 10000 word story with myself as the main character with a horror theme with some conditions. This was done and by the following year it was published and the contributors’ copy of the book was given as payment.

The funny thing is that I was enjoying that year as I was also learning to be a better writer in a writing course. Thinking of the expense was well spent, and even though I have thought of doing another course, today, it will at least, will help me in the next stage of my life career. Of course, it will be a step on the next level of my writing career. I’ll not say yet. A little sidetrack is how I fall into things which can be beneficial in a way. Luck played in my favor when my name came out of the hat. And it was also my first time I wrote more than the set five thousand words. I never wrote more than that amount since I was ten years old. Funny thing is I was looking at the ten year old writer I was, broken English as I wrote an epic fantasy about twins – little did I know, I was a twin. Yes I was reading my epic and it took me a week to read 25000 words. In that week, in the background I was coming up with a story for the already contracted story which I was obliged to do and was happy to do. As eerie as it was, while I was watching Full Metal Alchemist, a thought stirred. And then I had to do research on the second world war in particular to the end of the war with Hitler’s assassination; and also with Hitler’s fascination with ancient artifacts. I couldn’t write anything I wanted but it had to show my sense of fantasy as well as a splash of science fiction. Ironically, I came up with zombies, aliens, alchemy and my measure of fantasy to bring a horror story at the end of the world.

Money was not on my agenda at the time and to this day it should have been. But even as I tried to write for getting paid, my stories were either similar or the story needed more editing than the editor wanted to do. So is this a viable assumption on my part? My answer was yes and no. The reasons for this is that I found that one editor didn’t like it but another did. I used to change the title and re-edit the story, delete the beginning and redo it from a different view. This I learned how to do as well. Using the spell and grammar software on the Word document was always a good measure, and reading out loud was also another thing I did. I also started a website at first for free until three years ago. That is another post.

Anyway, getting paid could have been done earlier in the years I started, but to think about it, I needed to understand the industry I was going into it. It was tough and even tougher now when most young people are learning writing in schools. Even though I learn English and writing an essay which has a beginning, a middle and an ending; it still was just that. Unlike now that I have seen that most young people know more than what I knew when I was going to school. This is because computer technology is by far at our fingertips that even this has made the world smaller than the 1800’s where communications took longer.
Research is a must. It is what I did when I searched on submissions to small presses and publishers and you can click my links page to find Ralan which I found a good source to find the publishers. This is the reason why I did research and even when you think you had done enough, research more. I have been burnt twice in the eight years of sending submissions and got no answer to rejections. Always read submission like it was fine print of a contract and read it three times and many state it in the submissions and others don’t. Go Back to the submissions page because changes do go on without prior notice. But checklists is a must also.

Even though research and checklists are needed, we are humans and make mistakes and sometimes editors have about 200 stories to read and sometimes two editors have twice as much to read, the most they do is send a rejection or not at all. Once you get that an editor does not reply after the 90 days; you think to write a query about your story but you have second thoughts. What do you do? Unless you have read the submission page that is stated on their submission page that is alright to send a query do so; otherwise put this thought through your head – Do Not Query and accept it as an rejection. If it is stated to query, I would not because it would end in a rejection after the 90 day period. I did that and that was what has happened to me. Maybe the wording in the query was not good and it should have been better. So my lesson learned! Of course there were times when I had to write queries for stories that wasn’t listed on their forum, but I was lucky it was human error. There was one small press that had a submission and stories were sent to them and then before you knew it they published the anthology without knowing, if your story was rejected. It seemed those that were accepted got the notice and contracts. For me I got nothing. This was my second time and it was the last time I ever get so annoyed, I just read the submission page, did research and then send my stories. If I get a letter of acceptance or rejection, then the phases of feeling be it happy or not, else forget about the answer. Just do better next time.

Of all these things, like I said in my title of this post, getting paid in writing and don’t expect to get big is very true for my case. It is the hard yards, I have to put up with my pain, sitting, writing all day, everyday putting every hour into my writing career(and not forget my sleeping time and having fun – work and play hard). Life so far has been a factor as well. Planning for a writing career is one thing which also can take as long or short as needed. Be confident and persistent, to go forward and not give up is the driving force that I hold dear to my heart. The people you know who have your back when you need the drive to go forward. The authors you read also want you to have success because they wish for the next generations to have success as well. (More on this in my next post today.)

There is no hair brained idea that can give pleasure more than writing a story with a character that bugs you to write his/her story. When you are invested in a story with blood on the keyboard, tears and sweat to follow a muse that wants satisfaction. Then the process which you sell that story and it does get a reading then you hope for someone to become a fan of your work. All this is just hard work but if you were to do it then you must also sell yourself – thus a website is a start. The hard yards is talking to ordinary people as well. It also gets the juices for characters and such. Well I better sign off but before I do, one thing I must say is this:
I enjoy every part of my writing career. Keep your mind open and receive every information and use the information that suits you. Remember this: The satisfaction of the reader is your audience.

March, April, May and June 2015

What happened to the rest of March, April, May and June so far

Yes indeed what has happen? Well its already June. I haven’t done much writing here on the blog but I’m been busy with changing the site themes. Well since my last blog post in March, I have had a blast and straight into turmoil of life’s changes.
Three Week and Three Days Holiday
First, ten days after my last post, I prepared for my holidays. I went to Adelaide, South Australia for my holidays; the best holiday I had. I wish to go again. Of course, I had a ball, meeting my cousins I never met before and seeing my aunties and uncle was good. Some say Adelaide is a city of churches but for me its a place set serenely in a vastness of heritage buildings. The funny thing which is a sad thing for me, people are buying a house with old charm and demolishing it to build modern townhouses. For me, old stone-houses have character, history and a cuddly feel of beauty. For three weeks, I enjoyed the cooler climate especially the last week where Adelaide showed its first signs of winter. A pleasurable holiday ending until I knew it the first hit of life’s change came to blows.

Turmoils of Life

My mum has had headaches since February but these headaches were located at the temples. These headaches were very sharp pains that made her cringe. On the way back to home, she had one of those pains when we had arrived at Brisbane Airport domestic terminal. Ten days in April, and before I knew it two days after returning home she had another one which made her vision blur for a while. She didn’t tell me of this. Monday she went to the doctors and then did an ultrasound on the Wednesday. Meanwhile the doctors were investigating her problem, on Friday, a week after returning from the holidays, I was going for my ultrasound of my bladder and kidneys which was my annual checkup because of my disability. That afternoon Mum and I had to return to Townsville to an eye specialist and then rushed her to emergency for suspected temporal arteritis. By the next day my father and I returned to visit mum in the hospital and during which we returned on Tuesday, to see her after my own specialist appointment.
What seemed to be a find result soon became a foray of madness. A week after my mum’s biopsy of her left temple, her results were negative. With some relief, short lived, Friday the 8 of May, mum had not been feeling well. Earlier that day, I seen my doctor because he wanted to make sure that my waterworks would go better with another option. That early evening, I had to bring mum to the doctors for she felt unwell. Her new tablet wasn’t agreeing with her, she then felt okay on Saturday. We went out all day, and I enjoyed my tournament of poker, which I enjoy playing Texas Holdem. Of course, after a long day of fun, a serious problem occurred which could have been dire. Lucky it was not as serious. Mum ended up in hospital over night for suspect heart problems.
What a Mother’s Day?
It was a waiting game until the afternoon that she returned home. Anxiety is a thing which needs to be a health issue that ruins a life so much that it interrupts a whole family. Its not the suffer that holds onto such an issue also those around them suffer also. Mum has anxiety which is chronic and debilitating but with prescribed medications she is managing it. But Saturday’s outburst is one that was coming since her biopsy. Of course, it’s hard to know when one of these outbursts would come, but this one was unforeseen because of the temporal arteritis which could have one symptom of blindness plus others. This what made my mum think of over and over, and this stayed on her mind. This seems a vital part it was also a defining problem she couldn’t face being blind. It also plays a part in everybody’s most feared issue.

My own fear

As you can guess as I waited for my mum to have a restful return to a managed normalcy, May had passed and June has arrived but I had my own fear moment. During the end of May, I had to go for my annual check up for my eyes, which I had a shock and saw red for a few days and weeks. Well let me start with this, my eyes have what explained by the optometrist; as a film tear that is on the wall, inside of the eye where the optic nerve is – like you pull a glad wrap and form straight ripples. With this, I was having to return to keep checking every six months but somehow it was stable. The last check was before my holidays and because the optometrist wanted to see me again, I made it in the end of May. After some tests and such, I was told that my Macula was degenerating. Before that my first thought I needed to see the optometrist who wanted to see me but he wasn’t the one whom did my diagnosis. I haven’t reached 45 yet and here I am with a diagnosis which is caught early but only got a Amsler Grid Card and no information about it. I had to patiently stay calm and while I had to wait for the measurement of my lens and such. After that I returned to my car and started the foray of swear words in Italian that I wanted to scream at the young lady who diagnosed me. Ha after two days of digesting this and mind still seeing red, I calmed down enough to read some of the card I was given and then search for the information on the internet. Of course, reading the information about Macular Degeneration made me angrier and seeing red was such that I grew restless and wanted to shack someone to a bloody pulp.
Then three days later, I did the same search and with a search of my disability and before I knew it, I was amaze that even though I have to outlook for the future of myself, that I will have low vision or blindness to look for. If I am wrong then in December, I’ll make another appointment and see if the diagnosis of the young lady optometrist is valid. IT DEPENDS on the outcome of the December appointment that I will decide whether to go to a specialist for the eyes.By the second week of June, I had to turn my attention to another dilemma.
Another Dilemma
My father is the next dilemma that started at about the same time my mother was in hospital in April. I had to take my father to do an five year check up of the digestive tract and wastage tract – endoscopy and colonoscopy. There was a result which he had to see a specialist. The result is a nodule which he has to do a Biopsy this coming work week which seems very daunting. Of course, it will be the most frightening part is the waiting part for the answer of the diagnosis is either benign or active – a week to wait and as ever the calm before the storm, seems to be before us and the stress is playing its strings on me and my parents. It seems very much easy for me to write this, hell not; it is the hardest to write about and even harder to write about my disability which I am doing at this moment – well compiling a novel about it.

The Writing Front

As I said, I have many writing projects on the go, my disability novel is a compilation of stories that I wrote meanwhile my disability was named. The other is my Ducelord opus which is calling since I became diagnosis with Macular Degeneration – this in itself is a six book series, a standard novel collection of tales and a trilogy of the future of Ducelord.
Recently, I received nothing as yet about the Doomsday Anthology from Emby Press but as ever I believe that the ebook should be coming first once it is published – Until it does just watch the Home page change for updates on the anthology.
As I am writing this, I am compiling short stories in my mind, and I have a review site that is on the right footer that holds a link for you to read what else I do. If you want more then, please read my Archived R. C. Old-Site page.

The Site

I will change the theme as much as I wish until I figure which theme is me. Of course, every time, I do change the theme; there is a few days that some things might not work until the webmaster fixes them.
In ending
Be ready for long posts at least once a month but not as long as this one. This post is a catchup of three months and June so far. Of course, I must keep writing and moving forward. So what comes by the end of this month, whether the outcome of my fathers’ biopsy, I keep the options open and live day by day and enjoy everyday. No matter the outcome, such is life at its best.
Menu Bar
As an old programmer(I was but lost all know-how) which I got used to saying the title post “Menu Bar” is also the Navigation Bar. Okay, I am set in my old ways. I hope to bring a better sense of my website to all followers, potential followers, viewers and visitors. Thus here I am explaining the Menu Bar.
As I said above, the Navigation Bar is also a menu bar which can be seen on the top of the page, under the title and tag line of the site and above or below the header image, also the footer that is the bottom of the page; this is also depended on the theme you choose. My current theme shows the title and the Menu bar with a header image.
For most of you know this and I’m just boring you with my thought to why I have posted this in the first place. Well, it is very simple. I lost everything from my old website and I created a new one which is fairly safe to say it is going okay. Of course you wander still the reason for the post. Damn I rewriting myself. Okay it seems like I must explain from the first word on the menu/navigation bar.

Home is my welcome page with a picture of anthology that should be out very soon. Well that is my plan with the home page to index all my news that is coming and such which I will change from time to time.
About Author
Has some information about the author and for your information it is me who also writes this blog. If you move your mouse you can find two sub pages. Well these are call Contact Author and Contact Webmaster.
Contact Author
This has a contact form and more about the author.
Contact Webmaster
This just has a contact form.
Published Fiction
Has a photo where it is the only thing which you could only click to the anthologies sub-menu/page. Here I could make the sub-menu/page not appear at all, once you mouse over the Published fiction menu title. I could have you just click the photo image instead.
Under this sub-menu/page, it’s contents show all of my published flash, short and long fiction plus a poem that are all collected in different anthologies.
This shows some useful links which I know about and will add more as soon as I can. There is a title which is shown without links and is in a color text. These are no longer links because of said reason.I keep them there as a reminder only.
News Blog
This is easy as you are read this is where I as the author let go about whatever I want to say and it depends on what I can say about certain contract that I have to abide by with. Like this post to explain the menu bar.
Archived R. C. Old-Site
This is exactly what it is. I had for some time had problem which I posted in my last post, but I lost everything – well not working properly, I had most of the backups save on another website which as you will see I retained a fair bit and I made the content into spoilers within a box where you click the +(Plus) to show the archived post. Click the –(minus) to close it so that you can read the next Spoiler title – that is the Archived title post.

As you can see between the horizontal lines, I set my menu shown in bold above to stimulate what I wanted in the menus in the appearance on the dashboard. As I said in the above this is depended on the themes you choose. This menu bar on this theme is shown where you see it, if you want another theme then just go through the themes to choose the one with a footer menu. I believe I will change this theme soon because I have a few things which I want to do this year. But first I have to check out a few things.
Okay I feel like saying something about under the content of each page which is the footer area widgets also in the appearance on the dashboard. And another thing about the pages of each except for this News Blog. Well, I start with this News Blog – this has a sidebar and content because I wanted to show it like this meanwhile each other page is a full width content page. With the sidebar and footer area, you can put widgets in – I specifically have my footer widget shown all through each page which contains my movie and book reviews in speculative fiction. A widget for Latest post and these two are in footer area 1 and in footer area 2 I have a copyright information. Under that is a footer for the theme and proudly run by WordPress and theme by the person who created the theme; and sometimes there is a copyright symbol with a year.
So on Monday, I will change the theme and do changes as well but before that I’ll do a backup with WP Backitup. Its a plugin which I’ll activate and do a backup.


Anticipation is a funny way to pick a post title. But it is a good way for what I believe to be what may come. Over the last month and since January 28 when I sent out a story, I have had problems that seemed very trivial has also been very enlightening. I never thought that some of those things could be so changeable. Okay, daily nuisances such as making idle chats to friends or family even eating a meal seem so enjoyable when you had news that to expect an email from a small press. Okay expecting an email for a story you sent in is like facing an opponent with a double edged sword. Is this a wise thing to face an acceptance or an rejection to a story?
It is the name of the business when you are a writer or author. Its the anticipation of either an acceptance or rejection. If it is an acceptance then I’ll smile wide from ear to ear and read the contract carefully. On the other hand, if it is a rejection, and this is dependent on the way the email reads. I have had rejections before where I didn’t get an email at all but found on Facebook that the list of contributors for the book and the date when it will be published. There is a formal rejection which is very… well formal – The story was enjoyable to read but we regret to inform you that we could not fit it within this anthology(words were closely to these)… Of course, the Informal rejection was the best I received and it went as close to these words – …tighten the piece up immensely enjoyed but can’t accept it at this time…
Last year and 2103 were two years of dreaded rejection. How can I go forth knowing that a rejection would be coming? Well its me. I expect the rejection all the time. Why? It is easy to see me as a whole. I have had hardships all my life. Sometimes its very hard to distinguish the difference between success and failure. There are times when you figure out the success and failures on a scale it would not balance out. I did that once in 2007 and it was the year that I had to even those failures out. I was getting very low in my self esteem that I vowed to change my thoughts to pursuing a new career path. In a turmoil about my physical state – a disability that is named soon devoid my reason on reality. This pivotal moment, I had to watch myself from a low emotional state to prepare my way forward. It was when I saw my successes that they were big ones but the failures were so minor that I had to use every strength in me to show my parents and family. I was tough. Really I was a bay of needles inside me. Those needles wanted out but I refused them to move. I knew I was strong but it something happened to this day I can’t explain that saved me. Maybe it was a movie that I watched that was called Sister Act and its sequel plus a paranormal event. Sometimes its hard to express these paranormal event but either way it happened and this was the jolt I needed. Paranormal event may come through a dream and for me it was a waking dream which jolted like being electrocuted by a radio set that is unconnected from the mains power. Anyway it was this that revalued my life and made me move forward.
Rejections is part of the writers life. I learned also that life was a harsh mistress as well but something within me knew that faith itself is not the only thing to strive for. Pain is the constant reminder I have always known and rejections is very similar in a way. Whatever happens in the coming days, I’ll be happy to receive an email. Just hope this email comes before I go on my holidays.
Please note:- Paranormal Event – I can’t explain it now because I’m currently writing about it in a Non-Fiction Novella.

Second Post or whats’ been happening?

I have settled down with some ah ha moments, since changing to Linux Hosting three days ago and it seems the install went well. It looks like I’m happy, again. I thought to elaborate a little more on my first post. As this is my second post, here; I wanted to make clear that making mistakes are a form of learning from them. If we don’t make mistakes then the world would not have had inventions that work – of course, speaking generally. As you can guess, is my first site was the windows hosting. Like I said in the first post,my health issue is not an excuse. I was going find for two years until I was having problems in the end of December last year and one thing after another I was following wrong advice.
January 2015 came and before I knew it, I just as easily accepted the file transfer protocol password which I fix when I went to my hosting provider. Once I set that I was fine with the change and got use to it but something in my technical mind didn’t feel right. Okay the other thing that plague me, was the windows hosting was still updating WordPress 4.1.1 every time I logged on to my provider. I let this pass and I know windows have had some issues and I wasn’t too worried about it. What I didn’t know was that it affected the use of my site. I didn’t know until the last week of February 2015, when I started to see issues. It was just an image that I wanted to upload and I couldn’t do it because an error. During that week, I followed the instructions on WordPress org help support page. This dot htaccess file but I couldn’t even find this file or the others I looked at for the window ones – until I figure out how to do it properly.
It has been years since I did web pages and code, lucky after a good night of sleep, on Saturday 28 February 2015, in the morning, I read on WordPress support help page and by lunch time, I swore a triad of explosive words and then had lunch – my thoughts, it seems so useless. After a certain measure of frustration, I went and changed the Windows to Linux which turns out to be smooth so far like I was before – hope this stays like this.
My next problem will be sorted after my holidays when I come back refreshed. I may keep you up-to-date with my holidays. If not I’ll make sure to share in my posts when I return from holidays.
This theme will be a momentarily be as it is until I decide to change the theme. Even though, I had a problem with the hosting, it also gave problems to me when I did something on WordPress. These conflicts seemed so small that even I overlooked them.
I thought my backup strategy was solid but I should have review the strategy. I didn’t adhere to it. I thought it to be foolproof but it was not. Now, I have a backup strategy which I hope is a better one. I’ll implement the backup strategy at the of two months. I’m just started this site with the Linux but on second thoughts I will do one at the end of the week then do one after the holidays.
Backup Strategy is as follows:-
install a plugin that does a backup of the site;
make a backup with the hosting provider;
make a copy of this site with the free site that you can use and hide it;
other strategies that has work for you in the past;
Review Backup strategy every 3 months in a year.
I’m going to explain some tips, backwards. 5 – is self-explanatory. 4 – My old strategy was not as hot as it was but I still value it nonetheless, because it has worked well in my writing mind; using it to the technical mind was not a good thing. Lesson learned! The backups that have work for me are very good. Because of the backup copies of the posts, I made from my old website; I need to sort it out and make a page on the menu above which will be done after I return from my holidays. For number 3, you just have to use a search engine like Google “make a free website“ (without these “) – and then do some research with the free websites. Pick one and make a website like the official without publishing it. 2 – was where I failed to do one, because I thought the provider did one anyway. They do but I should have done one. Okay big Oops Daisey, learns a valuable lesson. 1 – is the easiest of all and its just add a new plugin and search for backup. I’m doing this one after I finish this post. Just watch out when you find the backup plugin you want – make sure you read the more details and the tabs before installing – note it might take time to find one. So take your time.
“On the Writing” is a segment I might like to start. But I’m not sure where or how at the moment. Just watch this page on the news blog or you can see the latest posts on the footer below. On my old site I started a segment called a Monthly Segment which I wished everyone birthdays, wedding day and anniversaries, a quote from a planner I have and my quote for the month. Of course, I have second thoughts about this at the moment and will look at it, at a later date.
As for now the site is up and running smoothly and I hope to get more followers and visitors. I have some things planned out for this year as well as prizes. But you’ll need to keep watch. Cheers and hope you learn lessons from mistakes.

Welcome to my new site

A few months ago, I have had a problem which seemed to destroy my resolve in my technical experience. I do acknowledge that my knowledge is dwindling but its due to constant migraines which I suffer daily. Backups is a must and I have done them in the pass but now I have to do one on a monthly basis. As of today I need to make sure I write this on the calendar and hope to do a better service to my followers than last two years.
In about three months will start my third year as a website owner of my life as an author which I officially budget this site with what little website design I know. It is very funny how many people emailing me about making my website more modern and working it automatically. I know they are trying to make a living in working their career and I say well and good. But as I said my meager budget is already planned for just running this site and nothing more. I’m a struggling author and its not as easy as I thought it would be but I soon understood that it may take me years to get known – however I’m on my way slowly.
A little sidetracked by the main reason for the reason I writing this post and my stats is overwhelming for me. So far a month in and eight days of 2015 there is 69 views and 57 visitors. Also by countries and this is funny; Brazil has more than Australia at the moment. There is more countries viewing my website; absolutely fabulous.
In 2014, the views is 1067 and 43 visitors with Australia in the lead with 1026 with more countries than 2013. In 2013, which I must say that first year was only seven months, with 1122 views and 42 visitors is just amazing. If I was to look at the stats more closely, in a monthly view and compared them in a graph in an excel document; I could see more reason to fall down from my new stable office chair. Ha ha!!
Seriously, looking at the views (that is 2258 in total) by themselves is really appealing to me, because I hope they will come back again and then, read more and like the posts and possibly become followers. The visitors is very appealing, but I not sure how you would look at this stats. Why you may ask? Well, its not really an exact math problem unless my thinking is wrong. If I add all the visitors will be 142 but that would make it impossible to be true. Actually, 57 visitors is the exact total. Looking at that as data, it looks like the first seven months created 42 visitors and 1 visitor in the next four months of my first year on the website. Then only in January 2015 added 14 more visitors. I believe that might be overrated by the number of times I visited my own website. May be I might have a look at my Jetpack Site stats and configure my website visits out of the equation – but I’m a little dubious of changing the configuration but I may have to read on it before I do any changes.
Okay, now I have some news which will come in the next few months.
Firstly, I can say that my coming story is close to being published. Final editing stages are in full swing as I type this, and hoping, soon; I can tell you when the anthology is coming out. Once the galley come to my inbox then I believe the editor will tell me the date it will be on sale.
Secondly, I’m waiting on news for a story I wrote for an anthology with a small press – crossing everything for it.
Lastly my monthly segment:
February Segment
Birthday Wishes and Wedding anniversaries
I would like to bring out a big cheer and a happy day for every person who birthday and wedding anniversary that falls on this month a happy and fruitful day.
Those that are ill or sick
I like to say my thoughts, prayers and good vibes go out to the families of all the world.
Quote of the month
“Leadership is the ability to hide your panic from others.” – Anonymous
This quote came from Axiom Publishing – Planner 2015 – this is a monthly planner where I plan things for the year.
My quote
Taking control of yourself so that you don’t have to hide your feelings or panic from others.

Some notable changes to the site.

I have made sure in the last two days, those changes are working to my satisfaction – which it is.
Firstly – you’ll see that the Home, About Me, Links and Contact pages are at full length and the reason is for me to see it better. Blog News page is still the same with smaller post which you can continue to read link.
Second – the change is to the Published Works page, because I found that last year I published nothing and I don’t have to make a page to go under the parent page of Published Works. So I deleted the years sub-pages and redesigned the Published Works as you see it now.
Third – A new page has appeared – it is called Free Flash Fiction. It is a story I wrote back in 2013 and it is the only one free story I wish for you to read.
From yesterday afternoon, you may have visited and I was playing around with themes and such and always remodeling the site to fit the theme. It comes to a time when you have to stick to one theme and delete the rest. When I do find another theme I must make sure that I fix it straight away which would only take a few hours than two days as I did.
On the Writing front, I have been slowly working on the Sword of Heaven, editing and rewriting as stages. I better get back to some editing of the short story I have to send in to a press, the deadline closes on the 31st.
Keep watching this spot for more news…

I have had a beautiful and short holiday, which I have a plan to have a big holiday in March and April, meaning it’s going to a big one for 28 days. More news will come, when March arrives. Until then I’m in a busy mode with reviews on R. C. Reviews which you can click on the above menu or on the footer. I am also trying to write stories for anthologies and I am in the middle of editing a novel which is at the moment will be my first book I feel comfortable to send to a publisher. However, this book is in the editing and rewriting stage; I have a six stages that I do before sending a story away. In my next post this year, I will explain my way of editing and rewriting the story(please, bear in mind that my way of doing things is not like other authors). I’ll also explain the difference between my editing process of the short story to the novel that I am writing.
First, the novel I’m writing is a Nanowrimo project from last year which I called “The Sword of Heaven” and from my ending of my novel has opened the idea for the second book. I have come up with a sequel but it may also be a trilogy – of course, it is to early to tell. I will be up to it if I can plan out the year for this novel as well as for anthologies. Usually for the first two weeks in January, I plan for the year and everything I plan has been a big thing for me, but by the end of the year I have to tally up all the things, I’ve done; and say, well I tried my best and have no regrets.
Of course it is hard to get to go through the rejections of last year but I say to myself this and its is the most important thing – review those rejections, make it better and then send them off to new publishers… Keep going forward… and most of all write more.
Secondly, I have much to do in the next few months that has to do with my personal life that it stems from teeth to health wise. Of course, it will be find and I keep my options open on that front.
Lastly, in my hope for this site that I hope my plans for this year will come forth and hoping my budget will be more easy for my planned competitions that will be coming. I also have a few changes planned for this website as well and you shall see them as I update them.
Oh something new here I like to share with you is going to be a little Monthly Segment at the end of my posts that is if I remember to do them. So here is my first one:
January Segment
Birthday Wishes and Wedding anniversaries
I would like to bring out a big cheer and a happy day for every person who birthday and wedding anniversary that falls on this month a happy and fruitful day.
Those that are ill or sick
I like to say my thoughts, prayers and good vibes go out to the families of all the world.
Quote of the month
“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.” – Mark Twain
This quote came from Axiom Publishing – Planner 2015 – this is a monthly planner where I plan things for the year.
My quote
Most of all enjoy every moment, so that you don’t have to be disappointed.


[su_tab title=”2014″]

December 2014

Christmas, Nanowrimo and Update

As you see the Christmas theme has been running for a while, and now, I have changed it with this purple I like to call Royal Purple. It is bright enough for the end of the year and bringing in the new year. Before I do go on, I hope you all had a Safe and Merry Christmas.

I had three days off during the 24th to the 26th December. And below the Nanowrimo title, I’ll write the year in review that was 2014.

Nanowrimo Challenge

From the below post where I was four days in, I kept my pace at the average of 1600 words. Of course some things came through and it pained me so much that my birthday was coming up and I have one rule – have the day off of writing. I was 1000 words behind the 25000 halfway mark. Because of a very heavy night of celebrating my birthday, I missed another day of writing. With 2700 behind made it hard to wonder whether to go forward or not.

After a drooling two days of writing at the below average word mark, I was adding 1700 words to the already climbing figure which was at this time – the third week in – lucky I had music playing by Stratovarius. With this music playing and just typing what comes in my head as I write – brought my word count up to the end of the third week target of 35700 – I went over with my highest word count of 3730. At the start of the fourth week, I was at 36690 words and counting down to the numbers with my average in the last week at 2000 words. Of course, the words I wrote were over the average and on shy of 3000 words. So in 26 days, I wrote 52000 words.

Update – Marketing plug and possible self publish

I’m preparing for next year’s Nanowrimo but before I do, I am editing this nano project as a novel when I’m not doing anything else. The process of editing and rewriting is very exhaustible and enjoying to do. As with last year, I won again and with it the nanowrimo website has a few sponsor’s offers and I checked out JukePop. I decide to enter in the JukePop competition for Nanowrimo winners and see how I go with the voting and such. I have two votes in last two weeks of this month and here I wish for all my followers to start to read two chapters of my work. Please leave a comment if you wish and the link here should come to the high fantasy category and you just have to find the title “The Sword of Heaven” and a dragon for the cover that is a set cover. For your information, this is a first in a two book series.

I’m also looking at Blurb to set myself in the eBook or print on demand options but it will take me a long time to do this as I am currently playing around with Blurb software BookWright. Of course, once I get the feel of this software, I might start to sell the eBook of this novel. Just keep watching this space. Just a word of warning, I am only thinking this through at the moment and it may take a number of two years once I get to understand a few more other options I’m looking at as well. Research and understanding is a must when I do business.

The Year that was 2014

This is another slow year like 2013. Anthologies I sent out to were rejected for all short stories I’ve written for. My novels are slow going and its not as easy as I thought but it is okay. Rejection letters were the most this year looking like the norm. But I didn’t give up. I worked through the year of rejections and still it hit me hard. Keep Moving Forward – is my motto this year.

On the good side of the coin, I wanted to cheer myself up with the hope for The Trials of Blood story in the Monster Hunter Doomsday Anthology to be published. As of the 23 December 2014, I still have to wait for it to be published. Well, I hope in the new year I’ll receive the proofs to read.

I have also state that a competition is coming, I had to postpone it for a while and it will restart next year. Of course the details for it was jumbled in my head and when I wrote it on paper it looked so weird that I almost belched with fear at the cost of the prizes and the sending of mail to overseas. Holy oaks it really costs a fair bit. So I had to leave it the way it is and now my decision is to hold it next year.

Personal life – in short is manageable with medication especially with constant migraine headaches, everyday. Apart from that I keep watching movies for my review site – just click the tab above in the menu – I write up for; I do as a side thing to improve my writing.

Well every year I think of resolutions and then I don’t do them. The end of 2013, a year ago I started to lose weight. This I didn’t state here and so I’m happy to say that I’ll continue to lose weight slowly. It is an achievement that I lost 7 kilograms and because of all my medical problems and disability I had to lose weight otherwise I’d be getting more medication for Diabetes. I was on borderline and my doctor said to lose weight with a diet he wrote. So here I have lost a 7 kilograms and in the new year, I’ll need another blood test to find out whether I can relax or not.

Dental problems is an expense thing when teeth start breaking. And now, I have to get partial dentures which cost at about $1900. Lucky with my health fund, I have to pay the gap which is about $1400. These are estimate dollar figures. I’ll not show actual figures. My dentist is a very good one, gentle and considerate.

Resolutions for next year

Keep up with my diet.
Write as much as I can –
Anthologies to editors of the Small Presses,
My Epic Fantasy Novels.
Research Self publishing.
Plan a two year plan for Self publishing
a two novel series.
Send stories out to publishers.
Keep cleaning my teeth.

The resolutions is not so I can do it but to leave it here so I can come back next year and check off the list. It is written down and now I have to do it. But I’ll have an excuse for some of the 6 which will be – I forgot because my migraines had made me ill.

This is my last post for 2014, and I wish everyone in this world a very safe and Happy New Year. I’ll see you next year in 2015 on the 6th of January when I’ll be back on with a brighter view.

November 2014

Nanowrimo – 4 days in

As of the first of November to the fourth I have went over the daily target of 1700 words each day which equals to 6800. I did 7097 words so far. Yesterday was the day when the race that stops the nation – The Melbourne Cup – which I usually go and punt but I didn’t this year. Feeling Nanowrimo was more important this year because this will be the book I feel will come to be published. It is something within me feel right this time. It may well be the very first time I feel this is it, however ask me after this month and I’ll tell you something different. I’m hoping my feeling and enthusiasm is continuous as I am feeling now this minute.
As today which is my fifth day, I’ll try to report in four days more.

Halloween and Nanowrimo

Halloween has gone and is a short memory but in review blog I’ll write something up about the movies I watched, after November. As of today and yesterday is Nanowrimo and I hope to come here to post updates of how I’m going.
Nanowrimo – is a 50,000 word novel challenge and its what most writers/authors do to start a novel and continue on with finishing after Nanowrimo is long gone. Of course, its a good start to a long project.
Yesterday was the first of November and my start in words is 1953 words.

October 2014

Theme Change

As October started already, I just changed the theme to celebrate my month of Horror. As always during the month of October, I’ll be changing to this theme every year or close to this theme. Halloween is coming.

August 2014

Progress Report 1

Well as I write this, Monster Hunter Doomsday Anthology is in editing stage, as well as a few other anthologies that I’m waiting on.
Its been a very slow process in looking at the details for the prize for my competition that I’m going to run. It will be coming soon…
Mostly keeping busy with the writing front but its hard to get the words to the page when having tooth pain where only half the tooth needs to be extracted. Never had so much pain for a tooth before like the one I’m having now. The tooth is the eye-tooth which has been treated with a root-canal about ten years ago or more. Its been fixed four times since the root-canal. Well two weeks ago I bit down and the tooth broke off. Don’t know how it broke but it did. Went to do the extraction last Friday and its half done.
So this month has started with a great way with a tooth problem and it seems I’m getting a little sidetrack with the pain and I hope to get back after I get this tooth is out completely. Well I hope to keep writing but keep my fingers cross for Tuesday’s visit to the dentist. Tomorrow will be a another hour surgery to get the rest of the tooth out and another possible tooth – Depends on if the Dentist can take the tooth out completely without taking the other tooth where the broken tooth’s root is curved.
I may have today to write more…

July 2014

Weighing on Your Mind Anthology

It is a sad afternoon to my followers to express that my non-fiction story has not come to be published. I received an email yesterday, that states the anthology is not being published. Even though, I feel devastated about it, it did take me a whole day to calm my nerves down to express myself. The story I had written for the Weighing on Your Mind anthology for Hidden Thoughts Press was very hard to write such a story that encompasses my disability. I wanted to get the story out there. Of course, the team at Hidden Thoughts Press gave their time in the editing of my story and it helped me considerably to my expanding knowledge as a writer/author. Let me just say this thanks to the team at Hidden Thoughts Press for such a great help.

I will hope that one day soon, I hope to look at my story and do a rewrite and make it longer. It is going to be a few months before I can relive such a memory to even contemplate to make it into a novelette. But even as I wrote the word – novelette – I felt the weight on my shoulders start to compound. I must move forward and hope that when I look at the non-fiction story at another time – I must ask myself a few questions. Those question will be asked and answered at a later time.

Keep going forward and as you can see in the footer area below this post, you can see what I’m working on at the moment. Those stories are keeping me busy – moving forward, always writing and building this website; to keep me sane in my painful world I live in – is beyond words that I can say…

I try my best to see the positive side of the sad news and I know I just did. So hope I can get some good news soon.

Progress or not

Its been a month and a full week since I been here and so far, my progress is very slow. There is not much going on apart from writing and researching for a novel I am thinking of starting for Nanowrimo.

I sent out over five stories and received four rejections and waiting for one story. Also as I am writing this, there are days when I need to rest because of severe migraines headaches. The feeling of nausea that seems to be coming up my throat feels almost like I want to spew. It’s this that makes me want to give up but my muse pesters me forward. That little voice we writers listen to keeps us going.

I’m stewing slightly here because I have the prizes thought out and the details are still simmering in the pot. I must wait out until I know for sure on a few things. Please keep your Eyes peeled to this site on the News Blog or Home pages.

June 2014

Website Changes and Prizes

Website Changes

Well it is a very much an all out war with myself and the muse that wants change. The muse wants changes to the site but I wanted something better set out but between the two its a massive few weeks of work. So please, be aware that I and my muse are in a battle with each other over which is better. Some things you need to understand is that apart from building a website from scratch is a long and arduous task for me to do. So the reason the themes has be changing is because my muse doesn’t like it.
I know this theme has given my muse a sense of relief in this war and it seems he is enjoying it so far. Thus for the moment I have sated my muse… Until he decides which is better… but bear in mind that it may, well be a turbulent few weeks to come for me.
There will be some more changes to the menu bar above, because I have some changes that needs to be changed and be thought thoroughly.


I thought to do something that might surprise my muse. And thus Prizes is just a thought but it depends on the numbers I get and it the total of followers which I hope to get to 2014. Details and such will be coming soon – just check the “Keep Watching Here” space for when the prizes on the home page and such in the following month or even earlier.

May 2014

First Year Party

It was a year ago today, I started this website and it is official that a year has passed. The unusual thing is that I’m surprised at the number of visitors had come to this site. I am hoping more do come by.
A year ago, I bought a piece of website – a domain name and now I feel happy that I did. It was a learning curve which is still a process of learning. It was an eventual year, dragging my previous site to this one. Well it was a cut and paste and copy. Then making sure everything is lined up and beautifully done. From theme changes and such and other stuff had become a year which my tastes changed so often that I often thought what would my readers think? The answer to that is I wanted to change things around. One email I received said that my website was taking a long time to load. Yes it does if you use a new theme on a mobile devices such as a smartphone, iPhone, iPad and the software these devices use such as Android, Windows and Apple operating system. Once you use the site it should go smoothly unless my website hosting provider is doing a service update or I’m upgrading WordPress version.

…highlights for me in my writing life.

On the writing front, the year was minor with one publish on June 2013. More downs than ups in the year, with rejections totaling 4 out of 5. The acceptance for Monster Hunter Doomsday Anthology in September 2013 encourage me for Nanowrimo. The second time since 2008 that I was a winner in Nanowrimo. September and November 2013 were the top highlights for me in my writing life.
January 2014 to Now, I have about five short stories out, and have two and more on the editing stage where I might send to contests. One of the five that is out is being judged in a contest here in Australia. Have not made it on the Australian publish scene yet but I hope it will be soon – cross every toes and fingers that I do.
One year has passed and I hope next year will be a better year. Well on the positive note, I have a busy schedule in the following months, with more writing, editing the stories and one novel that is in editing stage. And another positive note, it’s party time, CHEERS to you all.
Theme changes again

In the last two days I have been playing with the themes and doing some changes. Of course, when changing themes some of the things move out of my widgets sidebars and fixing them up usually takes about two to five days before I’m satisfied. However it may take more time which I might do at a later time.
Please note that theme changes will change during the year such as Easter, Halloween, Christmas and seasons or if I’m in the mood for a change.

April 2014

Lest We Forget – Anzac Day Long Weekend

They shall grow not old, As we that are left grow old, Age shall not weary them, Nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun, And in the morning We will remember them.

Well its a long weekend for Australians which we remember the fallen soldiers of World War 1 and World War 2. We also remember all of the wars from then up to today’s war. At my local Returned and Services League Club (RSL), every day at 6:00 pm., the phrase above is played. But on Anzac Day, it is said at the Anzac Memorial which I could not go for health reasons. But I thought about the fallen on the day of 25th April 2014. I thought of each person on each side and some were notorious but we shall remember them as well. We all hope for peace and I hope to see it in my lifetime.

Easter is Coming…

As I write this, no word officially is out about Doomsday, but I’m expecting and hoping that it will be out as soon as it comes to my inbox. As I am waiting patiently for the outcome, I have a problem which seemed to be on the mend. My Muse, the voice in my head that speaks to me in my characters’ voice has been on holiday. It is an unusual feeling. Its like Writer’s block but not at all. As you can see I am trying to retrieve the muse back by doing this. Its like confusing a computers hard drive and rebooting the system from a virus. Technological minded computer experts know what I mean. And some of you were wondering what has been happening on my side of the world since February 7th. Well it was hell, almost two months of hell, my muse had a holiday and subsequently, my mind did not like the quietness. The confusion and other stuff that is happening is very personal and it was in the last two days, I came up with a plan to confuse the muse.
Thus you might have noticed that I was playing with the themes of this site and the review site, this is my last effort to get the Muse the evil master back. But I fear I haven’t fed the monster that is my muse. We writers have a little darn voice that keeps us up at night, pleading to write their thoughts. Okay its easy to state the muse is the reason for me to write. I was writing as a hobby at the age of ten. It was taking my personal demons and putting them on paper, long before the computer came. Not long after the computer came, I still wrote on paper. I still do – just putting thoughts and such as I plot a story’s outline. There are moments when I think I am in the write right field but to my own astonishment, I somehow get into anthologies. And in those times, I wonder if the plot of the story is really the reason for this or my writing is getting better. (I think it is getting better.)
Okay with the post’s title is very ominous especially on today’s date but I am serious because in the next two weeks and three days, I am planning on more things to do on this site. I’m making some changes and such as I go. Of Course, it is an ongoing process, which I have of late, my upkeep of this site is dismal. I am on the mend. It seems my muse is coming back but it will talk a few more days to see it in action. Life is slowing coming back, after a few health problems that seemed to even out in March. Apart from my normal hay-fever – changes in weather and seasons – is slowly managed. On my entertainment end, that is my review site is going well, especially the movie reviews. The book reviews are poorly done because none has captured me to write one. Just click the R.C. Review… on the menu above to see what I have mean.
If I cannot get to write another post on this month, then I wish everyone a Happy Easter. For those who don’t celebrate Easter, but do celebrate their own way then do so. Please have a safe Easter.

February 2014

Sad News

I received a sad email from one of my small press for the story I had for Fresh Ground that my signed contract with them has finished. Even thought some contracts are good still Wicked East Press has closed this project. The project may still happen at a later date.
I have a mixture of some sad and good news but I feel sad to announce it here. But that is what the writer’s life is. Of course, its not an easy life but its a long winding path like a rolla-coaster ride(even though I have not been on one), the ups and downs comes with a punch but after all how does one cope. Its my hope and faith in myself that I strive forward to the next part of learning the writer’s life.
These things do happen(sounds like the Phantom of the Opera, where the Bella Prima Donna says) as contracts life does last a year or if it doesn’t get published or the publisher expresses in writing which happen with my case.
I sent a lovely reply back and from that I received an email confirmation that currently Wicked East Press is in process of restructuring and my hopes looks promising. I believe the project will go ahead.

January 2014

Website change

Okay over the break and new things are happening at my end and I thought to do some changes. And when I did I could not expect that so many visits on that day. And also I change the review site page and yet to see the number of visits there.

I hope you like the new look and there is some more updates and changes to do. Meanwhile I do these changes, I have been socializing on Facebook which I do mostly in the beginning of the year – every year and then after February I’ll be on there a little less than I am now.

Also at this time I do some researching on some small presses for some submissions to send. I then start writing the stories and then edit the stories and after I go through my checklist before sending to the editor.

I hope to finish the changes by the end of February. If I don’t then it will be a monthly thing that I’ll be doing the updates or as humanly possible.

Cheers and keep watch this space soon.

Update on Doomsday Anthology

The Trials of Blood by Robert Cristante is among 18 fantastic authors…

Emby Press has contacted me to express that the date for this anthology will be coming after February and should be ready for a St Patrick’s Day gift. There is 19 stories in this anthology and will be a great present for someone’s birthday who like horror or more importantly Monster Hunters hunting.

The titles below in no particular order are –

1. The Mercury Cascade by Paul D. Hayes
2. The Trials of Blood by Robert Cristante
3. The Deadly Toy by Tom Howard
4. Allies of Convenience by Donald Jacob Uitvlugt
5. Besta Preto by Tim Jeffreys
6. Hardy by Jason Lairamore
7. The Sin that Slew the World by James Fadeley
8. Vengeance is 9 by Joyce Frohn
9. Zombies and Other Ways to Break Your Heat by Erika Dusen Tamindzija
10. Source by Benjamin T. Smith
11. The World Turned Upside-Down by John X. Grey
12. Flight of the Bumble-Beelzebubs by William R.D. Wood
13. Dark Halo by Miles Boothe
14. Gamma Squadron’s Last Mission by Charles Phipps
15. Silver Tide by Jonathan Ward
16. Shadows by Patrick Van Slyke
17. From Space It Came by Scott M. Baker
18. At the Gates by David Dunwoody
19. Mr. Toad vs. Dracula by Gareth Barsby

More details on where you can buy this anthology will be coming as soon as I have those details in my hands…

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December 2013

Changes Update

I have actually added a page which can interact with my other site which is connected to this official site. I hope this will integrate with my loyal followers from my other site to this site. I wanted to do this but back in May, as I notice that most of my followers were going to my Review site because of this I had to change it. Usually I would have work it out then and there but my mind was only going on with the site to make it visible for all to see. Of course, my marketing skills is low at the moment, I intend to boost it up with the new year of 2014. With a little social networking and networking on forums and such. If you follow my other site which is R.C. Reviews for Movies and Books in Speculative Fiction will be a page connection and while you look at the reviews which or not current from the big screen, it is just my thoughts on the movies I think you should wish to see or not or buy as a video or not. I do not give much plot in some movies I see because it would be what I call spoilers and I like not to give it away even though if one person seen it. Why the Change? Well I wanted to give some formality to both sites and incorporate it to be together. I found that if one wanted uniformity between two sites then do it. I would like to send my praise to WordPress ingenuity in making links to other places or websites. Like it so much. I also like to explain that when you click R.C. Reviews for Movies and Books in Speculative Fiction Page, you will see little changes which is so slight that it looks almost flawless.

I hope you enjoy the addition of the new page. Of course you will notice that another post entry in the page click to the other site which explains the same thing but differently worded.This post is for my Official site viewers to let you know of the changes. Thank you all and celebrate the festive holidays with happiness and safety in mind. Cheers.

Note – over the next few days before Christmas, I’ll be doing some minor changes.

Yearly update – Christmas is coming

Well its been about two weeks since Nanowrimo has finished and yes I won with 52120 words. Now I had two weeks of thinking and relaxing from writing and doing research for a script that I have been thinking over. My thoughts on this script idea started at the beginning of the year, which at the time I knew of a small press was thinking of opening a comics print version of horror and in my wildest dreams they succeeded in presenting a comic – more on this later.

The first week of Nanowrimo was edged by my only inspiration – my first paid story that was accepted in September is the fuel, I needed to bring the words out. My lowest word count is 503 and my highest is 2702. No excuses but some days my life get those conditions where things can go wrong, does. Well its much an acceptance on my behave because of a physical condition which alternates from many parts of my body. With week two of November, once again the Tuesday with 251 words is my lowest count and my highest is 3329 words which was a Saturday. Of course with much on the close mark to the halfway to just under 25000, I was entering week three which was the half-way mark of 30 days. I celebrated my birthday with a few drinks and enjoyed the fifteenth with happiness. The word count on the fifteenth November would be zero and I needed that day after all I swore on my birthday that I will do nothing but enjoy it to the most. I hate surprises because it would make me physically sick. Even though the no word count is my all time lowest which I do not count at all, my highest is 4238 and it was the all time highest and to put it mildly it was also the day after my birthday. Week four was a mixture of getting to the finish line with the lowest on the last day at 120 and the highest at 3576 words. Overall with some normal day appointments and going to town for some problems and specialist appointments was such a month which I had to keep on reminding myself that I was accepted in a anthology and will be paid for my story.

Getting back to my last two weeks, I was wondering whether to continue my Nanowrimo written novel of 52120 words or continue to turn a story I written a while back into a comic script. Then I brainstormed to one answer which is very different to my other thoughts and do what I do when I read books – Multitask. If women can do it and I know I can do it when reading books then I can do it in my writing. In a way, I was doing this multitasking long before the thought that just past and slapped me in the face. It really funny when moments like this happen and it is so refreshing that all that stress seems to fall away. I know my editor side and sure as I write this other editors will see the last two sentence has too many “that” – bar humbug. I know it sounds a little like Mr Scrooge, but its my way of a Christmas joke – if you get my meaning.

The beginning of a new era in comics

Of course, as I stated above that a small press which I hold up to high regard has come up with a great idea and now has come to its first circle of success which I believe will only be the beginning of a new era in comics. This small press has slowly grown over a few years from a man and his ideas; and making his alter-ego, a creature of his own entity into life as a press – Evil Jester Press. Of course, I knew about this press as a place for some of my horror which to this day I haven’t got a story in it yet but one day it is one of my goals to achieve for. My advice is set those goals.

However it was about or less than two years ago when I heard about the comic book idea. For me, at the time, I was only looking at it as a side track diversion and one thought came to mind what if… You know those questions we writers ask ourselves about such things and here I go while I didn’t know much about writing comic scripts – I went on a search for this and before I knew it I went to more detail searching on the course of writing scripts for comics. Also noticed that it was similar to writing a screenplay but the terminology was different between comics and screenplays.

I was also was researching on Norse mythology, which was just lucky I had an idea of a novel for Nanowrimo at the same time I think I was late to write the script for the Script Frenzy challenge. In April this year or earlier, I saw the Kickstarter campaign and it blew me away that this small company had enough money from people pledging money to bring a new line of comics to life.

A new line of comics to life

As Nanowrimo came close and it was Halloween, which I was watching Halloween movies to relax, I knew two men decided to reel in their resources a few months before and created a small company and under that company they opened Evil Jester Comics presents horror, science fiction and fantasy comics and its first comic is out now.

Comics for one of a hell of a Christmas gift

As I am catching up with some big news about Evil Jester Comics opening its first horror comics from the first of December (even though I am behind in the news), this comic is twenty 22 or so pages with four great short stories come to life in comics. Jonathan Maberry, Jack Ketchum, William F. Nolan and Joe McKinney – each a bestselling and award winning authors in horror, we will see their stories come to life in comics for one of a hell of a Christmas gift – that is if you are like me who like anything to do with horror. I wanted to let you know that the writers who have written reviews on the works for Evil Jester Comics, reviewing for the artists work and how beautiful it is. I could only agree with it – even though I have not bought the comic yet. Click the link above to see what I mean. The artists who drew the comic are real professionals from other comics we know and certainly grew up knowing such as Batman and more on Evil Jester Comics.

Well I plugged a great press. I do so because I see things which I cannot tell because of spoilers and the future is not written in stone yet. But I will tell you this from what I have seen so far, only two men will know more and they are Taylor Grant and Charles Day of Grant Day Media. They and their staff will know what is to come, just see and follow on their website.

I know things are going fine but I have some qualms about a story I wrote in 2011, which I fear will be the first non-fiction story in history to come out as the long, long and long awaited which I hope will be coming soon. The reason I have been waiting patiently is very important for me which I will one day hoping to see this happen soon. I received an email for my bio for a non-fiction story I wrote back in 2011. Of which it is so good to hear from the editor who accepted my story then in 2011, has been one hell of an emotional bag to carry but I think there is a window opening soon to see that story soon and I can explain more about me until then you just have to wait for my non-fiction story to come out – until then, I wait patiently.

In my inbox, my second email, I had which peaked my spirits this weekend is that the story I am getting paid for will be coming soon in February. Of course, when it does come out you’ll be the first to know as I get the information that comes to hand.

This is the longest post I have written in months because I wanted to give a very big update of whats been happening instead of little posts over the last few months. Starting in May, I never thought to do this site and within a reason, I wanted to make sure ever piece of this site was made to my expectations. As you may know that in ten days Christmas is coming, I am thinking of some changes to this site but not sure what yet. I am getting in early for getting what has been my year. Well what you know not of before May, is that I was on the free WordPress dot com site which I kept as an review site of movies, videos and books I read in my genre I like to call speculative fiction – the genre with mixtures. I might even put that as my tagline instead of the one that is there, now. I had that site as my site and reviews all in one but it became cumbersome with each post. This time like last December where I searched for a solution that is viable for me, now I am changing the theme look and trying to find one that will encompass both sites equally. I did in May this year I bought a piece of the internet address with my name and and now I enjoying the ride. Lately, I have to put the brakes on to understand where I should be blogging where. However, some things have been done on this site with less things and such because I was not putting too much time in it but before I could even think of the time that passed by that I was amazed that the year has passed by.

In nine days, I will will try to finish of one story which will be ready for a small press to read after the new year. It is at this time that I plan for next year and I have done so. So this year has a very rough year with a lot of changes in the physical sense and the emotional sense as well. As i have a plan for next year in the works, but I can only say this that anything that has been accepted in 2013 will be published in 2014.

Just a short thing as the end of November, I started on a diet which is looking like it is working and I will continue to do so and if you are on Facebook then search me out there.

Overall the year for me has been a wonderful and a small successful year. With the last words for 2013 I want to extend everyone a Merry Christmas and whatever holiday you are celebrating in your section of this world a pleasant and safe one. As I am taking a break from the internet from the 24 December 2013 to the 2 January 2014 – I wish you all a Happy New Year.

Merry Christmas

And A

Happy New Year



November 2013


Just a short note to let you know that I’m close to the end of Nanowrimo. So far I will say that I am going well and on the stretch to the last 10,000 words.

October 2013

Halloween and Nanowrimo

As I am counting down to the busiest month of the year which also starts tomorrow, will be a hell of an ending for October. As I am wrapping up my researching for the novel I am doing for Nanowrimo, I feel like watching some horror movies to Halloween. Of course, these movies I have seen before and a couple I haven’t seen. As you can guess, I am prepping for the marathon of writing 50,000 words. So what is involve in prepping for a marathon of thirty days of writing. Well, it’s not an easy answer.

Nanowrimo stands for National Novel Writing Month.

Different people would use the month for starting a novel and then finish the novel later or others plan the novel from beginning, middle and end – then edit it and sell it. I however, just write anything, usually but this Nanowrimo I have researched because I have a plan which will be thought out to the T. But sometimes I know how I am and retreat back to ad-lib. Planning takes time to some writers in the month of November. I think of the beginning first and how do I start. The reason for having a week off before Nanowrimo starts; where I do completely nothing is my way for prepping for thirty days. Don’t think of the research at all, nor where I start or nothing else. Today is the day where I usually sign in to the Nanowrimo website and two things, update my profile and then add the working title and short synopsis. Well that is it. I was thinking of two years ago…

Let me start from the beginning, in 2011, I was three days into Nanowrimo where I was contemplating whether to do it or not. Well I did start with 50 words on the first day then a hundred words. As I normally read emails before writing, when I read the email that stated I was accepted for a non-fiction story – I wrote about me. I didn’t think it was real at first, after reading it twice more it sunk in that I was accepted. After receiving the acceptance news, I was amazed how quick my three and four fingers moved on each hand. I typed faster than normal. Nanowrimo 2011, I became a winner, after my third go. The inspiration of the acceptance which will pay for a story about me; was motivation enough. The working title of 2011 Nanowrimo project will be left in the drawer until I can tone down the controversy. Read this to understand what I mean.

As October is coming to its end – One Week to go – I will be watching horror movies until Halloween. Anyway as I said above I’m winding down. On the first of November, 2013 – at 12:01:00 a.m., my subconscious mind will be ready for the start of Nanowrimo. All I have to do, is stick to the schedule I made from 9 am. to 6 pm. Daily target is 1700 words and when I can report my progress on a weekly basis. I know of two days and maybe a third day I’ll have fewer words written because those dates has been marked down as important in my diary.

So I’m off to start to watch some horror movies and relax from typing too much. Oh as I do Nanowrimo, I have music playing in my ears to one heavy metal band I’m into and that’s – Manowar.

September 2013

Good News 1

Just received an email earlier this morning and got accepted in an anthology by Emby Press. I am excited to be in this anthology which is called Monster Hunter – Doomsday. Apart from this good news, I cannot tell any more until I can.

August 2013

Second Project Update

What most of you not know is that I have made a big decision on my second project – that is my second novel trial from 2011 Nanowrimo. I had planned to edit it and send out to publishers of small presses after I find beta-readers. Of course I read the novel twice and edited it at each read but something had me wondering if my story is too controversial.

What do you mean by controversial?

Well, it has a lot of different beliefs from A to Z; which my story takes one religion and holds it sway. It also has two types of magics which combines itself within religion. Science is another part where it hits a key part, where those who know science will complain that the view I have is not factual or not possible – especially at the beginning of the universe. Then there is some issues that deals with abuse with dire consequences and issues of homosexuality. Plus the gore to the extreme. These are the main parts of the issues I have made a decision.

Look at the gore that I have written is basically has a lot of blood pertain to dark rituals. I can’t get into all the story that I have written just to say that some of the parts that have blood and gore is very intense. The teenager at the age of 18 who’s father finds his son and male friend naked, comes to the conclusion of homosexual activity and the dire end. That same teenager is gracious and loyal to his savior that it eludes to an homosexual nature. The consequences to the end the teenager’s father also plays a part to my story. The religion is one subject, I do not want to make anyone say a thing about. Okay I mention Eastern, Western and Orthodox religions and beliefs to which is combined to one belief. Magic has two forms of facets Light and Dark; with the might of the religion is combine. Like magic there is a dark side to religion. Another part in the mix is science. Let’s look at science in a sense of which category – Physics (I’m not sure if this is right) – all I know is that my story uses science of White Matter and Dark Matter; and the religion of a world in my story is similar to Asgard in the movie Thor. The science of the beginning of the universe and the biblical beginning of my novel in progress is one which is controversial as the proverbial question – which comes first the chicken or the egg? Each of the above mentions of controversy plays an important part to my second project.

It is at the moment at 90,000 words. Heaps of why am I continuing it when I thought this up with the “WHAT IF” scenario. What I thought of this 90,000 word novel before I classed it as a Speculative Fiction. What if I encompass the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve, Lilith, Cain and Abel; and the moment of the big bang. Knowing that the controversy of the creation myth has been a heated discussion everywhere on the Internet among the scientists and clergy for years. I was also treading water when I thought vampires, werewolves, demons and carrion birds – ravens and crows. Then the thought of Dracula and Underworld leaped in the story I was writing. The other piece is the history of Terraeden is a jumbled version of our own – that is some hints from Britain Celts, Romans, Europe, the middle East and the Far East.

Of course, I have more to add with the what if and somehow I melded it together and thought wow what a piece of… But now at this moment and after reading and editing it two times since I finished it last year in November, 2012; I feel a third and fourth editing is not a good idea at all. I thought in the last two months that I need to do a total re-write. Okay, I’m a little sadden that this project is on hold but as a writer – this novel project is not ready. In a professional way I am not going anywhere but seriously I know I am doing okay. Rome was not built in a day and authors/writers must also perceive the bigger picture. My first goal is to get as many as readers that like my stories. I have achieve to an extent. My first Novel goal is so elusive that I ever wonder if I can edit to a final cut where I can be happy with it to send it to a Publisher.

I know I can do it. I know I can do it. This is my new mantra for my next project. My next project, I’m currently doing the boring research is about Norse Mythology. I am putting my own twist to the myth. In the next three months I am working out, how to make my world different to the myths of Norse Mythology. Argh, more research is needed before November comes by. Nanowrimo will be my starting point for my new project. Until then have fun and enjoy my site.


July 2013

Blood and Guts

This morning I received an email that Blood and Guts is available now. As you can see I am so excited that I can explain the mishaps of my story I wrote.

Blood Lovers was accepted, sometime in October 2012 and I waited patiently for Blood and Guts to be published. Around the beginning of this year I notice a few problems on my publishers forum and I had to find out why it was not listed. After few days it was mistaken for another anthology and I was very lucky to fix it before it when to printing.

The reasons for the mishap that I was on edge and thought some crazy things. I like to thank the editor, Brianna Stoddard and Chris Bartholomew, owner of Static Movement for being understandable and helpful in getting my story back on this great and wonderful bunch of authors whose titles sound delicious to even eat. You can see it those titles for yourself below:

Death for Art’s Sake by Dorothy Davies
Road Kill by Ken Goldman
Consequences by Todd Seaward
Old West War Magician by David S. Pointer
I’m not one for the 9-5 by Brianna Stoddard
Rural Route by Bob Macumber
See Dick Kill Jane by John H. Dromey
The Axe Man by Matthew Wilson
Helping Mariko by Matthew Wilson
The Fourth Princess by Matthew Wilson
Dead Body Disposal by Aden Harry
The Chase by Ron Koppelberger
Losing Oneself by Jordan Greer
Frank by Neil Leckman
Hell’s Zoo by Jack Horne
Whatever you want by Dempsey Wilson
I puncture him all over by Sean Monaghan
Mike’s Redemption by Allen Griffin
Sixty by Matthew Wilson
Dinner at the Hungry Bear by Bill MacFarland
Lady Larone by Matthew Wilson
Unscrewed by Stephanie Tillman
Lonely Hearts by AJ Humpage
The Severed Head Beneath My Bed by Lee Clark Zumpe
Dripping Blood by Jason Ryan Qualls
By The Devil That’s Bad Luck by Dave Fragments
Kiss of Death by Marija Elektra Rodriguez
House of Shades by Sergio Palumbo
New Clothing Line by Brianna Stoddard
KISSING DEAD BOYS by Jason Ryan Qualls
Wood Witch by Matthew Wilson
THE SADISTIC CLOWN by Jason Ryan Qualls
Rebirth by James Ward Kirk
The Deadly Dare by Jason Ryan Qualls
The Syringe by Brian Barnett
Blood Lovers by Robert Cristante

Blood and Guts is available at CreateSpace NOW. . . Amazon and other outlets to follow. . .

June 2013

News Update 1

First, I like to say, from my first post to this post, I had to set this site to what you see now. I hope to make improvements as I go, with each month trying to make it as exciting as possible. The most I can do is hopefully you follow me. As you have gathered, I am one happy chappy that I have opened this site and hope you like it.

This news update has some bad news which I do not want to do. Apparently, I must show the highlights of being an author as well as the gritty nuts and bolts of the business. Yes it is a business. One where you start at the bottom and hopefully raise up to best-selling status. Of course one must start with something within one’s drive to do their best. This drive I like to call “the monster” or what writers and authors call their muse. I’ll explain more of this muse later on, in a post solely for the muse.

Just getting one story to get accepted took me about three years. In 2007 was the moment, I knew I wanted to share with people my style of writing to the world. As any first time writer during that year, I learned some things about me. How strong I really was. Let me just say that I didn’t know the amount until now. There is a reason which I will explain in a later post. As I knew I wanted to be an author, I ploughed on and on until 2010 where my first flash fiction was accepted. It started to increase my resolve to being the author. I grounded myself with something I knew I needed more than ever, another person’s point of view. I did a course on writing as well as sending stories out at the same time. From learning from my tutor and gaining his thoughts I put to practice in the stories I was sending to small presses at the time.

Little did I know, I was building a resume and hence I started a weblog but was not satisfied with the look and so forth until I found something I liked and here I am in 2013 with a part-time business that is slowly growing. Which now leads me to the bad news. Wicked East Press is now having some issues which I hope will resolve quickly – so for those of you wish to know more about my short stories and flash fiction will be coming once those issues are solved. Until expect the books coming out later than sooner.

About three months ago, I started on a horror story for a competition and because of this I was not picked. To equalize this as a good news as well that the three judges thought that the stories were so good that it was difficult to choose. Anyway for next year, I’ll try again… I’ll not give up.

For any of you who want to write, go for it and keep writing, no matter what.

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